A Spring Walk at Golden Hour

 | ALLISON – from A Farm Girl’s Life website

My cmnt: Allison already has some 13,000 followers so I’m just letting mostly my family and friends who read my site know about this one.

I’m Allison! This blog is my creative outlet for art, photography, homemaking, writing, and really anything I feel like posting (that’s why I call it a lifestyle blog, hehe). I’m 22 years old, married to my best friend Sully, and most importantly, a child of God. Thanks for coming and please enjoy your stay!

Hello friends! I took the most beautiful walk around our farm the other day, soaking up the all the field and forest goodness I can get before I move away. I absolutely love how the pictures turned out! I hope these golden photos brighten your day as much as they brightened mine.

The wheat is tall, soft, and silvery green these days. The setting sun illuminates the tips and makes the fields glow.

If any birds live here, their home has a pretty amazing view!

This is one of my favorite spots on our farm – right up here where the path leads into the woods. It’s breathtaking when the sun is going down.

See what I mean about breathtaking? It’s magical. I wish you guys could experience it in real life.

The field beyond the path is lovely in the sunlight too. If it weren’t for the possibility of ticks and chiggers, I’d go make a nest in the grass and look up at the sky.

Ah… even though I’m immensely excited to start a new life with Sully, I’m going to miss living on this beautiful farm with my wonderful family.

But we’ll definitely come back to visit often – and take pictures! Our new house will be only 20 minutes away. I’m looking forward to giving you guys a tour of it and finding new photography opportunities in the cute little town where we’re going to live.

First, though we need to get married! May 22 is coming up so fast and I. Am. Thrilled. I can’t wait to walk out these doors, into the cleared ceremony space in the photo above, and marry my favorite person. It’s gonna be an incredible day.

I really hope you enjoyed those pictures as much as I enjoyed taking them, because they brought me a very great amount of joy. I’m gonna use one or two of them for phone/computer wallpaper, and you’re welcome to do the same if you so desire! Which photo was your favorite? Thanks so much for reading, my friends, and have a lovely day! ***Allison*** P. S. Photos taken with my Nikon D7200 and a 35mm lens. Edited with Lightroom.

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