X-Files Monster of the Week Episodes

These are listed in x-files.fandom.com

Monster of the Week“, or MOTW, refers to episodes of The X-Files that typically deal with some type of supernatural or paranormal creature/entity, but may also be a simple criminal with a unique ability. They are usually separate from episodes dealing with the conspiracy, although certain elements can crossover between the two. Monster of the Week episodes populate the majority of each season, as to avoid the risk of over exposing the mythology arc.

My cmnt: The MOTW episodes are what made The X-Files the entertaining and fun series that it was. The alien-mythology arc is unneeded and tedious. It is presented as what drives Fox Mulder to do what he is doing – looking for his abducted sister while searching out the truth of the great alien-government conspiracy. It is an attempt by the creators of the show to provide some grand unified theory to the series and as such mostly fails.

My cmnt: click here to see a pretty good selection of 17 MOTWs.

My cmnt: click here to see a complete list of MOTWs on IMDB with quickie plot lines.

My cmnt: Here are the MOTWs I recommend out of all of them. I would skip Seasons 8, 9, 10 and 11 as Mulder had left the show after Season 7 so naturally it lost half of the reason for watching, much of its creative energy, and all of the sexual tension/love relationship between Mulder and Scully:

# in seasonEpisodeMonster
Season 1
3SqueezeEugene Victor Tooms
5The Jersey DevilJersey Devils
6ShadowsHoward Graves
11EveThe Eves
(a government clone experiment)
13Beyond the SeaLuther Lee Boggs kinda Lucas Henry
18Miracle ManSamuel Hartley kinda Leonard Vance
20Darkness FallsWood mites
21ToomsEugene Victor Tooms
22Born AgainMichelle Bishop
(a reincarnation of Charlie Morris)
Season 2
2The HostFlukeman
3BloodFranklin Appliances and Pesticides kinda Edward Funsch
73Trinity Killers
12AubreyB.J. Morrow kinda Harry Cokely
13IrresistibleDonald Pfaster
14Die Hand Die VerletztPhyllis Paddock kinda Milford Haven High School Committee
24Our TownWalter Chaco
Season 3
3D.P.O.Darren Peter Oswald
4Clyde Bruckman’s Final ReposeClyde Bruckman and Puppet
62ShyVirgil Incanto
8OublietteLucy Householder kinda Carl Wade
12War of the CoprophagesCockroaches
13SyzygyMargi Kleinjan and Terri Roberts
17PusherRobert Patrick Modell
20José Chung’s From Outer SpaceLord Kinbote
22QuagmireBig Blue kinda Alligator
Season 4
2HomeThe Peacock family
4UnruheGerry Schnauz
10Paper HeartsJohn Lee Roche
12Leonard BettsAlbert Tanner
13Never AgainBetty and Ed Jerse
20Small PotatoesEddie Van Blundht
22ElegyNurse InnesHarold Spuller, and Ghosts
Season 5
4DetourCamouflage Creatures
5The Post-Modern PrometheusThe Great Mutato
8KitsunegariLinda Bowman and Robert Patrick Modell
9SchizogenyKarin Matthews
11Kill SwitchGelman’s AI
12Bad BloodRonnie Strickland
16Mind’s EyeMarty Glenn kinda Charles Wesley Gotts
17All SoulsSeraphimNephilim, and Aaron Starkey
19Folie a DeuxGreg Pincus
Season 6
4-5Dreamland I” and “Dreamland IIBody Swap kinda Morris Fletcher
6How the Ghosts Stole ChristmasMaurice and Lyda
7Terms of EndearmentWayne Weinsider and Betsy Monroe
(vele demon)
8The Rain KingHolman Hardt
10TithonusAlfred Fellig
14MondayPam kinda Bernard Oates
17TrevorWilson Pinker Rawls
18MilagroPhillip Padgett
19The UnnaturalJosh Exley
20Three of a KindAnalytic Histamine kinda Grant Ellis and Timothy Landau
21Field TripHallucinogenic Mushroom Organism
Season 7
3HungryRob Roberts
5RushMax HardenChastity Raines, and Anthony Reed
6The Goldberg VariationHenry Weems
7OrisonRobert Gailen Orison and Donald Pfaster
8The Amazing MaleeniMaleeni
12X-CopsAn unknown fear entity
13First Person ShooterMaitreya
16ChimeraEllen Adderly
17all thingsColleen Azar and Daniel Waterston
19Hollywood A.D.Micah Hoffman and Augustine O’Fallon
20Fight ClubBetty Templeton/LuLu Pfeiffer

Season 8
Je SouhaiteJenn
(A jinniyah)
9SalvageRaymond Aloysius Pearce
10BadlaaBeggar Man
12MedusaParasitic cnidarian
17EmpedoclesEvil kinda Jeb Larold Dukes and Katha Dukes
19AloneHerman Stites
Season 9
3DaemonicusJosef Kobold
5Lord of the FliesAnne T. Lokensgard and her son Dylan
7John DoeCaballero
8HellboundVan Allen
(reincarnated from a dead mine prospector)
11Audrey PauleyAudrey Pauley kinda Jack Preijers
12UnderneathRobert Fassl
13ImprobableBurt kinda Mad Wayne
14Scary MonstersTommy Conlon
17ReleaseRudolph Hayes kinda Nicholas Regali and Brad Follmer
18Sunshine DaysOliver Martin
Season 10
2Founder’s MutationKyle Goldman
3Mulder & Scully Meet the Were-MonsterGuy Mann and Pasha
4Home AgainTrashman and Band-Aid Nose Man
Season 11
2ThisCommander Al
3Plus OneLittle Judy Poundstone and Little Chucky Poundstone
4The Lost Art of Forehead SweatReggie Murgatroyd and Thadeus Q. They
6KittenMK-NAOMI kinda Davey James
7Rm9sbG93ZXJzTipping Smart Machines
8FamiliarAnna Strong and Mr. Chuckleteeth
9Nothing Lasts ForeverBarbara Beaumont and Randolph Luvenis kinda Juliet Bocanegra

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