Biden approval rating tumbles to lowest point of his presidency: poll

Just 33% of Americans approve of Biden’s job performance compared to 54% who disapprove

By Michael Lee | Fox News – April 13, 2022 –

Sleepy Joe
They are basically in the toilet

My cmnt: Please be sure to read the Readers’ comments I’ve posted below this article.

My cmnt: Essentially the problem with polls is not their scientific accuracy which is a margin of error of +/- 2.6 percentage points – OF the people polled. The problem with polls is their sampling group. They are always over-weighted with democrats because the pollsters really want their polls to shape public opinion rather than reflect it. See the article I’ve posted below on Quinnipiac University Poll President’s lame excuse for why their poll did not see the Trump victory coming in 2016. And but for the massive voter fraud in four major democrat-run cities they would have been wrong again in 2020. Of course maybe they factor in democrat voter fraud in their methodology now.

My cmnt: Another big reason the pollsters got it wrong in 2016 was the fact that we Trump voters resent these pollsters and so lied to them on purpose. We created the huge margin of victory (12%) mirage they all predicted thus enticing over-confident Hillary voters to stay home. And of course Hillary did NOT have the advantage of millions of illegal mail-in, unverified ballots criminally miscounted in the wee hours of the morning, after the election, that Dumbo had.

My cmnt: I also am sick and tired of hearing about this bogus popular vote victory margin the dems are always trumpeting. Simply take away all of the illegal alien (and others) votes in LA and New York and they wouldn’t even have that to brag about. And besides the popular vote is irrelevant to our system which was specifically designed by the Founding Fathers to stop big cities from always dominating our national elections. It is much the same reason every state only has two senators – to balance out population concentration in a handful of very large cities.

My cmnt: There cannot possibly be 76% of even democrats who approve of this demented imbecile. I realize they are knee-jerk liberals who will support a pet rock over a competent Republican – but even these have to be feeling the economic destruction and international chaos O’Biden is causing.

President Biden’s approval rating has reached the lowest level of his presidency, with a new poll showing only a third of Americans approve of his job performance.

Just 33% of Americans approve of Biden’s job performance compared to 54% who disapprove, according to the results of a Quinnipiac University poll released Wednesday. That mark ties the lowest approval Biden has received in the poll during his precedency, matching the number set in January when the president faced a 33-53 approval deficit.

Biden’s approval numbers are slightly among registered voters, with 35% saying they approve of the president’s job performance compared to 55% who disapprove. 

Broken down by party affiliation, 76% of Democrats indicated they approve of the president compared to 12% who disapprove. Republicans are overwhelmingly negative about Biden’s performance, with 94% indicating they do not approve of the president’s job performance compared to 3% who approve. Independents also indicated disapproval of Biden’s performance, with 56% saying they disapprove compared to 26% who like how Biden is doing.

Americans have also graded Biden’s handling of the war in Ukraine poorly, with only 39% saying they approve of how the president has handled the crisis. A majority of Americans believe the U.S. should be doing more to stop the killing in Ukraine, with 52% saying the administration should increase its effort to assist Ukraine in its fight against Russia.

“With thousands dead in Ukraine and the grim belief that the barbarity has just begun, Americans label Putin a killer who directed his troops to do the unthinkable, cut down non-combatants,” Quinnipiac University Polling Analyst Tim Malloy said of the polling results.

The poll surveyed 1,412 U.S. adults nationwide between April 7-11 and has a margin of error of +/- 2.6 percentage points.

Readers’ comments:

Any reasonable person with a modicum of common sense understands that the approval and inflation numbers are cooked. POSOTUS brandon’s REAL approval numbers are easily 1/2 of what is being ‘reported’, and the REAL inflation numbers are clearly DOUBLE what is being reported.

And everyone who shops for groceries is reminded of it each time they go to the store…..and will be reminded until it goes down, which will no doubt be beyond November.

What’s alarming is that if you use the same metric that was used in 1981 to measure inflation we are at 18% YoY. It’s so bad that Jimmy Carter is blushing!

If polling organizations and the media say the approval rating is 33%, then we know it’s actually about 21%. See 2016 election results. The pollsters and the media claimed Hillary was up by 12% the day before the 2016 election. They were clearly wrong by 12%

I think they have mixed up Joe’s approval ratings with the inflation numbers. It seems like inflation is around 33% and Joe’s approval is around 7%.

If the media was truthful, they would say, “The Big Guy’s approval rating is now equal to his commission rate: 10%.”

3 out of 4 democrats approve of his job, yet he is at 33% overall. And He received a record 81 mil votes. Something doesn’t add up.

He got more votes than any president ever. Yet his approval is lower than any President ever. Go figure.

130 million people voted in 2020. 81 million voted for Biden and 70 million voted for Trump. Its the new math.

I do not believe Biden’s approval rate is 33%. Pollsters are likely calling certain people who answer landline phones. Questions are also likely skewed to obtain desired answers. Biden probably isn’t breaking a 20% approval rate.

Listen to C-span in this the mornings and every democrat calling in makes excuses for Sleepy Joe. The best excuse is -“President Biden is doing the best he can” – that much is true; sad but true!

Voted for the last 45 years. NEVER ONCE contacted about a poll. Who are these people?

33% approve? Aligns with the 33% of extra votes that were mysteriously cast in the last election.

Aha, mystery solved !

It is unbelievable how fast Brandon is taking the country down. We are no longer energy independent, gas prices rise every day, our prestige in the world is diminishing, thousands have lost jobs, he wants to spend billions on social programs that will make millions dependent on the government for their very existence and at the same time he does not want us to be able to protect ourselves from his anti-law enforcement policies or the thousands of illegals that he is letting flow across the southern border.

Yes indeed fast!! And bad timing for my adult children. One has a 14 year old car that is on its last leg, used car prices have gone up 40% this year, so that is not going to happen. Another is in the market to buy a house, she has been outbid by $100,000 on the last one plus interest rates are 5% so that is not going to happen. THANKS JOE!

Who are the 33% that approve? Communist teachers I’d say.

Can anyone speak for the 3% of supposed GOP’ers that approve of the befuddled one?

Those 3% want him to stay in cause they are afraid of what Harris would do if she replaced him.

Liz Cheney, Murkowski, Collins and Romney.

3% of Republicans approve with a margin of error of 2.6% or probably 4% actually approve. So basically just Mitt Romney.

Pollsters didn’t predict Trump’s 2016 victory due to failure to account for uneducated voters – Quinnipiac University Poll President

 Nov 06, 2020  News – By Kemol King – for Kaieteur news

My cmnt: Even the title of this piece is slanted. It’s not “uneducated” voters who favored Trump but rather “indoctrinated” voters who favored Hillary. It’s not a college education per se but rather a college indoctrination that blinds these guilty, white liberals to real world concerns.

You might have heard that public trust in US Presidential Election polls has waned a little, hence, a reluctance to believe the general consensus that Democratic nominee, former Vice President Joe Biden will win the Presidency.

The most recent Quinnipiac University Poll, for instance, shows Biden leading Republican nominee, incumbent President Donald Trump by 11 points.

Pollsters had largely failed to predict a Trump victory in the 2016 US Presidential Election, as they mostly had the then 2016 Democratic nominee, former United States Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, down as the winner, leading up to E-Day. Though Clinton won the popular vote by clinching three million more than Trump, the businessman went on to secure the presidency after getting the majority of Electoral College votes.

Director and Vice President of Quinnipiac University Poll, Dr. Doug Schwartz, PhD said that the inaccurate predictions had to do with the fact that they underestimated White voters without a college degree, who made up a key part of Trump’s support base.

Dr. Schwartz addressed journalists from around the world during a press briefing on polling and analytics on October 15. He said methodology is a very important indicator of the accuracy of a poll, and that there were polls in some key states that missed the mark.
“A major reason was that late deciders in those states wound up supporting Trump.” Schwartz explained. “Another reason was that some pollsters underestimated white voters without a college degree. It’s significant because these voters supported Trump and they were under counted in some polls in important states like Wisconsin, Michigan, and Pennsylvania, where Trump won by a very narrow margin.”

This meant that White voters with college education were overrepresented. Schwartz said that this was not the only reason the polls were a little off, but that pollsters have reassessed their methods, and are now weighting by education.

“Quinnipiac methodology has factored in the breakdown of education groups for years,” Dr. Schwartz was keen to note. “So, we didn’t have to make a change to our weighting the way some other pollsters did.”

Weighting makes sure each demographic is accurately represented as a percentage of the population.

The Quinnipiac University Poll VP said that polls that have made changes to weight their work by education will be more reliable.

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