The entire world needs to stop using stereotypes of male and female

How can Amazon know the difference between male and female when Ketanji – a Supreme Court nominee – cannot define who is a woman?

Is Amazon colluding with Apple (two of the biggest companies on earth) to perpetuate stereotypes of male and female? Personally I am shocked, just shocked!

Further from Amazon:

Hilitchi 360pcs M2 M3 M4 Male Female Brass Spacer Standoff Screw Nut Assortment Kit

Duttek USB Header Extension Cable, USB Motherboard Cable, USB Header 10 Pin Male to Female Header Extender Extension Dupont Jumper Wires Cable 1M/3.3Ft

It’s about time the computer world stop using sexist terms. This is now a birthing-parent- board.

Plews/Edelmann”Tru-Flate 13-201 Coupler/Plug Set 1/4″” Female NPT Coupler and 1/4″” Male NPT Plug”

Brass Pipe Fitting, SUNGATOR Adapter, 1/2-Inch Male Pipe x 1/2-Inch Female Pipe (2-Pack)

These two adapters above are really confusing. They look identical. But the write-up did say that they screw differently.

This animal looks like a dog but says that he now identifies as a cat and wants full access to a cathouse and to be kept with other cats at the kennel – cats are terrified that if they say anything they might be kicked out of the cathouse and if they don’t they might be eaten.

He said in a recent interview that he wishes the media would quit showing this photo with his son. “I’m so ashamed of carrying sticks. I’m over that now. And look I’ve changed my name from Chewy to Scratchy.”

I’m so confused. This person looks like a woman and is modeling “women’s” clothes on Amazon…

But this person is also modeling women’s clothes but doesn’t look like a woman…

One thought on “The entire world needs to stop using stereotypes of male and female

  1. I had anticipated that Babel 2.0 would happen in my generation, but I did not expect to see the first signs of its nearing appear so rapidly already.


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