Branch Covidians: Time Is On OUR Side, Not Theirs

By Scott Morefield – Posted: Jan 03, 2022 – for

The Branch Davidian compound after Clinton’s AG Janet Reno decided to take them out killing women and children in April of 1993

My cmnt: Read about the Branch Davidian massacre by the Clinton Admin here.

My cmnt: It’s amazing what can change in two months. Morefield was correct. The Covidians were finally beaten back by the science – not the medical science but the political science of the polls. That is one science they actually pay attention to. With the prospect of being utterly annihilated in the midterms they weakly announce that mysteriously, just in time for the SOTU show, with O’Biden and every damn democrat having to show up on national television with their childish face diaper – it was just too much. So they had the CDC magically declare Covid over and we don’t need masks anymore. And previously the NFL announced they were done with all Covid nonsense – period. No more stupid masks, no more testing, no more democrat protocol bullshit, no more anything. It’s over.

Two years ago, staged video of purported coronavirus victims collapsing in the streets in Wuhan, China sparked a global panic that continues to this day. As the virus spread, fears of a case fatality rate as high as 5 percent led world leaders to implement draconian lockdowns and mandates with very little public pushback. Here in the United States, ‘two weeks to slow the spread’ of a virus it was understood most everyone would eventually catch morphed into months, then years to try and stop any Covid-19 cases whatsoever. Through it all, natural immunity was ignored by policymakers despite the fact that at least a third of the U.S. population, if not more, had survived the virus and were extremely unlikely to get it again.

As the case and infection fatality rates proved to be far less than originally advertised, red states like Florida, Tennessee, and South Carolina woke from their stupors and quickly got back to life. Some had mask mandates in place for a while, but those eventually disappeared as evidence poured in that the face diapers were little more than face decorations and did nothing to stop or even slightly curb spread. Spring of 2021 saw even blue states come back to life and drop most of their mask mandates. The vaccines were widely available and they seemed to be working. Life was good, for a few weeks.

Then Delta hit, with its lower case fatality rate but higher degree of spread. While many blue states again crawled back into their shells, others did not. As places like New York and California went back to the same old non-pharmaceutical interventions that never worked in the first place, mask mandates that were dropped in Virginia, Connecticut, and several other blue states never came back.

Although sports are still insisting on ridiculous testing and pointless cancellations now and again, packed stadiums and arenas have returned, with most crowds in most places mostly maskless. Schools have remained open, many with masks but many also without, and talk of a return to business closures and lockdowns from the most leftist Democrats is met with staunch resistance even in the bluest of blue areas. Despite the current record-breaking case surge, a growing number of Americans are refusing to return to the old Covid regime.

Lurking under the surface of everything, however, remains Democrats’ grip on power and their pathological need to impose vaccine mandates on everyone. Even as case numbers AND vaccination levels continue to reach record highs, our overlords continue to ignore the fact that, despite what we were promised, one has absolutely nothing to do with the other. President Joe Biden’s ridiculous OSHA workplace vaccine mandate, given new life by a 6th Circuit panel, is set for Supreme Court arguments this week. If SCOTUS rules incorrectly, it would mark a new low for tyranny and government agency overreach and (hopefully) the beginning of an economic and social upheaval the scope of which no policymaker has obviously thought out clearly.

The mandate is entirely unworkable, of course. Not only are there severe testing shortages, but the definition of ‘fully-vaccinated’ has our overlords in more of a pickle than most people realize. That’s because, to date, it’s been easy to mentally separate the ‘vaccinated’ from the ‘unvaccinated’ and pretend those are two distinct groups to which memberships were fixed. Even though vaccine uptake has declined, the ranks of the unvaccinated holdouts were technically still diminishing by the day. However, when the powers-that-be are forced to account in actual policy for the sharp decline in vaccine effectiveness after three to six months and make the third shot a requirement to be ‘fully-vaccinated,’ it is the ranks of the technically ‘unvaccinated’ that will swell.

Think I’m wrong? Maybe, but anecdotally almost every reasonably healthy and non-elderly person I know who has been ‘fully-vaccinated’ has zero intentions of taking a third shot. The way they see it, our overlords had one chance to get this right, and they failed miserably. They aren’t about to jump on the vaccine train again, especially when nobody knows when or if it will ever stop. The third booster is here and even being mandated by some companies, and places like Israel are already moving to booster number four.

Sure, there are plenty of Branch Covidians who would take a jab every month and shamelessly post a picture of their “Fauci ouchi” band-aids to social media each time. However, not everyone is completely insane. There is doubtless a segment of vaccine proponents who may have reluctantly gone along with mandates for the original two-shot series (under the misguided assumption that it stopped contraction and spread), but will be hard-pressed to support mandating continual boosters in perpetuity.

Add to that the high transmissibility of OMICRON, a literal case of the sniffles that only the staunchest triple-mask-wearing hypochondriacs will still be afraid of once everyone has had it. This thing, thankfully, isn’t going to be stopped by anything we do. And the more it spreads, the more powerless the powers-that-be will become.

In other words, time is on OUR side, not theirs. Even if only 10% of the currently ‘vaccinated’ population is as I describe, our numbers are about to swell, massively. And it’s likely far more than that. Soon, sanity will prevail. It must. As it tends to do now and again, the arc of history is bending towards justice, not tyranny, and the reign of the Branch Covidians is destined to end in disgrace and dismal failure.

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