Lincoln’s Fairness ordinance a threat to womanhood

By CYNDI LAMM Mar 3, 2022 – guest opinion for the Lincoln Journal Star

We may be living the lyrics of the song “2525.” At least that is what I and some others are wondering with the City Council’s passage of the so called “fairness ordinance.”

Specifically, I’m wondering “if woman can survive” the movement that not only takes away safe spaces for women and girls, but also threatens to makes womanhood disappear altogether.

Many in this community are hesitant to discuss the movement that is sweeping our nation, maybe because we feel uncomfortable, or maybe because we feel diminished as we once again have to ask for the place in society we thought we were “allowed” to occupy.

Yet, our City Council, in a unanimous decision, passed an ordinance to redefine sex in our entire municipal code. Sex will be defined, in major part, as “male, female, both, or neither.” Neither our nation, nor our city has faced the implications of abolishing biological sex in law and society.

Quoting renowned, self-proclaimed leftist author and long-time feminist Kara Dansky from her book “The Abolition of Sex”: “Here is the truth we cannot speak: the ‘gender identity’ … and ‘transgender’ movement is, in effect, a men’s rights movement intended to objectify women’s bodies and erase us as a class.” 

Dansky recognizes that “Feminists worked hard to ensure the creation of female-only spaces such as public bathrooms, sports teams and domestic violence shelters.”

Today, we have scholarships, business loans and civic institutions that are intended exclusively for women and girls — because women have historically been discriminated against on the basis of sex.

Today we have girls’ and women’s sports — but will we tomorrow when female athletes have to compete against male-bodied athletes? The “transgender” agenda threatens all of these important historical gains.

The movement, and the language adopted by the Lincoln City Council, currently deprives women and girls in Lincoln of public safe spaces. Eventually, it will, in essence, abolish the female sex. If we don’t stop it now, one day every “xx chromosome” female may have no safe space in Lincoln. No safe space at the gym or spa, in dormitories, locker rooms, in public women’s restrooms, no female-only sports or organizations. It will be open hunting season on womanhood, eradicating the decades of hard work and hard-won rights for women.

If we are deceived into believing that the physical reality of sex does not exist — that men are women, and women are men — we all lose in the end.

That is why people of every political persuasion have signed a petition to put this “fairness ordinance” on the ballot. As biological females, it is a fight to survive — so we should have a voice that the ballot provides.

Cyndi Lamm lives in Lincoln and is a former Lincoln city councilwoman and mayoral candidate.

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