The Mask Cultists Are All Alone Now

By Matt Vespa – Posted: Mar 01, 2022 – for

Public schools abusing children – photo by

My cmnt: Look, this is so simple. If masks worked against Covid (and they don’t) then by simple logic if I’m wearing a mask then it shouldn’t matter whether or not you are. If I have on an actual, functioning HazMat suit with respirator then I don’t give a damn whether or not you have one on – beyond the fact that IF we have a real deadly viral situation then YOU are going to die and I’m not. Masks are quite plainly just political theater for the Left. They are a form of control. That is the only reason democrats get so irrationally upset when people who can still think refuse to play their stupid mind games.

COVID is over. I mean, it’s been over for weeks now, but now it’s truly gone. The Democrats have abandoned it. The media is no longer COVID-obsessed. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has quietly removed almost every COVID containment protocol that hasn’t worked in over two years. The liberals who mocked the deaths of the unvaccinated and wore 56 masks every day are now all alone. Totally abandoned—it’s going to be hilarious to watch these people totally meltdown.

You’re already seeing it, and the new narrative is going to be, “Well, I’m not a slave to the government; I don’t do what they always tell me.” The mask cult is going to adopt that—it’s their only move. COVID restrictions are being lifted everywhere. In the bluest of enclaves, mask mandates are going bye-bye. Even Congress is lifting the mask mandate before Joe Biden’s State of the Union address tonight.

What’s painfully obvious as well is that this pivot is going to fall on deaf ears. No one cares. COVID is over. We have three vaccines. We have therapeutics. It’s a virus with a 99-plus percent survival rate. We’re all done. The only people who will go hypoxic over the end of the COVID regime are teachers and the mentally ill. They’re going to learn quickly that they’ll be the only ones yelling in the street. They’re the minority. And one way to really lose everyone is to call them ableist and other terms that often elicit mockery because they’re beyond ridiculous. Yeah, sorry, if taking my mask off and living life makes me an ableist, then I’m a hardcore ableist, a proud one. Suck on that.

I swear this will be the last thing I write about COVID because, frankly, I’m tired of it, but the many crises that hit prior to the war in Ukraine concerning inflation, rising fuel costs, the border crisis, and Joe Biden’s dementia—sucked up these quiet moves on COVID. The political science changed. If Russia didn’t invade Ukraine, it would have been even more explicit. 

I just feel so damn defeated as a teacher right now. Thinking of the NY teachers who are weighing leaving the profession next week because we just found out the mask mandate ends March 7th. More than half our students aren’t fully vaccinated. I’m so damn tired.— Annie Tan #WeKeepUsSafe ???? (@AnnieTangent) February 28, 2022

I’m apparently the only person still living in a pandemic and worried about COVID-19. Glad to know we don’t need masks or even proof of vaccination anymore. People, I am Legend.— Wajahat Ali (@WajahatAli) February 28, 2022

Just 2 days after the Impact Research memo advising democrats to end covid was leaked. Incredible— Libs of Tik Tok (@libsoftiktok) February 28, 2022

The arrival of multiple memos from Democratic Party operatives was also a significant development that got zero attention from the media. Joe Biden is one of our weakest presidents in recent memory. No one likes the job he’s doing, and the COVID restrictions were starting to eat away at the Democratic Party’s already abysmal approval numbers. The best Democrats can do right now for 2022 is look like crap. Right now, they’re drowning in the bilge. Easing COVID restrictions might ensure they can come up for air, but they’ll still look and smell like crap to voters. There’s no turnaround here. There’s no clean break. The best the left can do is blunt the extent of the losses, which will still be deep. Better to lose both arms and legs and survive than be totally ripped apart, right?

That’s all that’s left for Democrats, but it’s also not enough just to ease the COVID restrictions. Frankly, the damage is done. Businesses are trashed, and the impact this has had on school kids and their parents won’t be fixed for decades. The mask mandates were child abuse. The school boards were acting like little French Directories. And these kids were the best protected from the virus from the get-go

This circus is over, and we, normal people, will barrel over the mentally ill and the mask cultists because their time is up. Go inside and stay there forever. We don’t care. Chart a boat to an island and live there forever. You people were always brain-damaged. 

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