Oh how history repeats itself – Joe Biden political cartoons from 2009

I pulled these cartoons from my file. They show Joe Biden already a gaffe-producing idiot, Barack Obama a disaster of a president, the taxpayer bailout of democrat-induced bank failures and malfeasance, Nancy Pelosi evil, Algore global warming lies, and the Chinese coronavirus (H1N1) swine flu trying to be made into a pandemic by the Left.

I have also added some cartoons from 2022 after the senile, old, demented jackass has spent two years ruining the country.

Here are Laurel and Hardy yukking it up when Joe said, “Can you believe two duffuses like us being president?” – Feb 24, 2022 – Patrick Smith/Getty
For those of us who lived and worked in the Carter years Obama was Carter redux. Basically O’Biden is Obama redux on steroids.
Joe wasn’t mentally fit to be VP in 2009 let alone president in 2021.
Does this 2009 cartoon remind you of anything? Covid-19 hype in 2020/2021 perhaps?
The dumbass is STILL wearing a mask.
The gullible Libs were wearing masks in 2009!
While “The Big Guy” Joe has paid the taxes on the $11 million he got from Hunter’s corrupt deals with foreign nations (i.e., Ukraine and Red China) he has never acknowledged where all that cash came from!
Yes, yes, I know – our first half-black President… the day the media died.
O’Biden’s boss with his friends
Obambi and Chavez – April 2009
13 years later and Harry Reid is gone but Pelosi is still Speaker and still pushing socialism!
Remember this was 2009! Pelosi has some mental illness when it comes to SOTU speeches! She famously jumped up and down like an idiot during B.O.’s speech drawing childish attention to herself and then infamously staged herself tearing up President Donald Trump’s speech directly after he delivered it. She ranks as one of the worst democrat hacks ever.
Nancy Pelosi has continually abused her station and used insider trading to become wealthy.
Some things never change. The heirs of the Tea Party patriots are still fighting the Leftists Kool-aid drinking main stream media and the Deep State traitors.
Ditto. O’Biden has managed to take President Trump’s American energy independence and not only destroy it but is buying hundreds of millions of barrels of oil from Russia with which Putin is using our money to launch his invasion of Ukraine. To say nothing of the doubling of gas prices since the senile, old douche bag stole the election.
B.O. actually gave an iPod with his stupid speeches on it to the Queen of England!
Nothing’s changed with his idiot V.P. now president and as weak about N Korean nukes and missiles as he was.

Former model Carla leaned in to give the world’s most powerful man a traditional kiss on the cheek. But he appeared to flinch away, leaving her flustered — and they ended up settling on a stiff shake. Carla, 41, did manage to kiss Michelle during the encounter in Strasbourg, the first time the two First Lady style icons have met. 04/03/2009.
Look at Big Mike’s goofy attempt at a kiss. This is what you get when you elect to high office a former community agitator and closet homosexual with his do-nothing, overpaid hospital administrator, bitter and angry wife.
Carla Bruni-Sarkozy is an Italian-French singer-songwriter and fashion model. In 2008, she married Nicolas Sarkozy, then president of France. The Lib-Left was all GaGa over her. But when Melania Trump appeared with President Trump the Libs could only trash her.
Love that cigarette – and he has a photo of himself on his desk. But somethings never change – democrats are always: Working American’s last; illegal criminals and foreign nationals first.
These democrats never give up on a bad idea. While this is referring to Gitmo think of how democrats today want to and are defunding the police, instituting no-bail policies for dangerous criminals, love BLM and Antifa violent rioters, etc.
The donkeys have always hated black people. Killing the voucher program in D.C. showed it once again in 2009.
The democrats are still run by the teachers union to the detriment of our children.
Failing public schools in democrat-run cities. Then and now.
This is overly charitable to the America-hating, Leftist bigot Wright.
Obambi totally screwed up Afghanistan, then President Trump fixed the mess, and then Joe screwed it all up again.
I was doing professional snow removal in 2009 and remember that snow all too well. The winter snows of 2010 were horrible also.
Decrepit, stupid, senile O’Biden now doing it all over again.
You elect a democrat and this is always what you get.
B.O. tried to destroy small businesses in 2009 and using Covid-19 as their excuse the democrats actually did it in 2021.
Apparently O’Biden was at least paying attention here.
democrat history just keeps repeating itself
B.O. and his infamous “shovel-ready” infrastructure plan. Now O’Biden’s done it all over again.
Joe is still playing with the same deck of cards.
With President Trump and then you will elect Joe and live the nightmare all over again.
This could be today with O’Biden at the controls
The same old democrat playbook over and over again.
Blagojevich was endorsed by many Democratic leaders (with the notable exception of Attorney General Lisa Madigan, who claimed it was a conflict of interest since her office was investigating him), including then-Illinois Senator Barack Obama, who endorsed the governor in early 2005 and spoke on his behalf at the August 2006 Illinois State Fair. Under the direction of U.S. Attorney Patrick Fitzgerald, Governor Blagojevich was arrested at his home by federal agents on December 9, 2008, and charged with corruption.
As corrupt, democrat politicians go – Blago was pretty tame.
Illinois, and particularly Chicago, has a long, long history of political corruption – and all of it democrats. You have the Mayor Richard Daley political machine that delivered dead people votes to tip the tide for JFK. Before that mobster Al Capone ran the city and police. The creature (above) with the big mop of hair is Gov. Rod Blagojevich. And of course we have the totally corrupt Barack Hussein Obama also coming out of Chicago.
Stimulus 2009 or stimulus 2021?
Barney Frank was finally forced out of office when it was discovered that his pretty boy homosexual lover was running a prostitution ring out of their apartment. Frank, of course, said he knew nothing about it.
Like father (B.O.), like son (O’Biden).
All of those wonderful stimulus checks you got in 2009 and now 2021 will be paid for by your children and grandchildren.
Could be 2021
These guys went back to the Middle East and started killing American soldiers all over again.
still love the cigarettes
Really nice cartooning in this one.
The Walking Dead just keep coming back.
It never stops with these two.
The Republican won in the initial vote count but duh, democrats always win in the extra count. They pulled democrat ballots out of the trunks of cars for pity sakes. And always after the election is over.
With a photo of his hands on a sleeping woman’s breasts this joker finally resigned. Another democratic man caught by the #MeToo movement.

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