The Pandemic Criminals Must Pay

Those Responsible Must Pay
The Lying Little Garden Gnome Himself – Source: AP Photo/Susan Walsh

By Kurt Schlichter – Feb 16, 2022 – for

We cannot just let the disastrous pandemic response pass without harsh accountability for the people whose stupidity, corruption, and fascist tendencies murdered hundreds of thousands of Americans. Maybe you saw the Super Bowl – there they were, unmasked, laughing at us. There must be justice; the wrongdoers must pay. And they must pay hard. We can never let this happen again.

Foreign policy is not that hard; sometimes the answers are so obvious that only someone with a Georgetown degree in international relations could be stupid enough to not see it. Today, the most glaring example is the painfully obvious fact that instead of getting in fights with Russia we ought to enter into a wary, unofficial entente with the Bear to counterbalance the real danger – the Chi Coms.

We Need an Accounting – A Harsh One

Thanks to science – the science of polling – we are now seeing our useless government coming around to the views that got people like us banned from social media just a few months ago. Masks are useless, they now concede. Natural immunity is better than the vaccines that did not work as advertised, they now concede. What they do not concede is their own culpability. We must thrust culpability upon them.

Our ruling class knowingly imposed disastrous policies that bore no relation to objective scientific fact upon us, and 900,000 Americans are dead. Ten of millions more suffered economically and emotionally. They were driven not by the imperatives of evidence but by the imperative of obedience – that we obeyed was the measure of success, not lives saved. Dissenting ideas, like ivermectin, were not merely not debated. The debate was actively stifled. The dissenting ideas were suppressed as “misinformation” – which really means “unapproved information.” Now a study in Japan, hardly a voodoo backwater, says ivermectin works. How many people died so that the likes of Fauci and the rest could beat down challenges to their orthodoxy? And how many kids were broken by the lies about masking and “distance learning?”

They need to pay. Not just at the ballot box either, though that must happen too. We need a truth and reconciliation commission to expose the perfidy and incompetence of our elite during this pandemic. Those who failed must be shamed and broken publicly, stripped of their ill-gotten gains and disgraced positions. 

But that’s just at a minimum. What they did was criminal. And if they want to avoid accountability in a truth and reconciliation committee context where only their reputations, money, and sinecures are in jeopardy, fine. 

Try them. Punish them. Make sure this never happens again.

Strategic Hacks Will Get Your Children Killed

There are three big powers right now, Russia, China and the USA, and a tripod is not particularly stable in foreign policy terms. Obviously, the play is to ally with one of the others to counter the third. We did that in the Cold War – our opening to China was really to screw with the USSR (which had fought several battles with the Chinese along their lengthy border). But our present ruling elite is too stupid and corrupt to make the obvious play today – ally with Russian. Instead, these idiots are driving Russia into China’s arms. It’s not their kids who will die in the resulting conflict. It’s yours.

American and Russia are natural allies against the resurgent Middle Kingdom. Of course, you are not supposed to speak that obvious truth. Our treasonous ruling caste is in bed with the reds – literally in the case of a certain flatulent congressjerk – and China wisely fears the idea of the two great Western powers uniting against it. The Democrat Russian fetish is not merely a useful political scam to try to tar the right. It helps China immeasurably by making it impossible for the US and Russia to work together against a common enemy. 

Of course, China has no such compunctions. Without any bothersome internal dissent – an aspect American liberals aspire to – it is free to work with Putin on common goals that are, inevitably, detrimental to American interests.

The U.S. and Russia are natural, if not allies, partners of convenience. We were in World War II – together we crushed the Nazis. We supplied a lot of logistics and a lot of blood. The Russians supplied some logistics and a sea of blood. 

Russia is a Western nation, mostly. It shares cultural and religious bonds with us. China is a racist non-Western monoculture that sees itself as superior, and our garbage elite seems eager to prove it right. But Russia has a practical problem that it really needs to consider – Siberia. While China’s population is stagnant, Russia’s is drying up, and it has this enormous expanse of resource-rich, population-light territory right there north of China. They touch. We, at worst, look at the Russians from Sarah Palin’s house across the Bering Straits. If the Russians are not scared, it’s because they drank too much vodka. Their new Chinese buddies are looking at Siberia like Ana Navarro looks at a ham.

We have no need to like the Russians. Putin is a KGB thug, but in a global superpower deathmatch, having a thug or two in your corner is not a bad thing. Except our idiot establishment is too stupid to see the obvious. And guess who will pay the price for it?

If you guessed our ruling class instead of your kids, guess again.

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