Obama spotted maskless, surrounded by masked construction workers at new Hawaii mansion

The former president was speaking with a group of masked construction developers

By Emma Colton | Fox News – Feb 7, 2022 – for Fox news

My cmnt: If the lying global warming hypocrites actually believed their hype all of them would be selling their beachfront properties (the Obamas have multi-million dollar mansions on both Martha’s Vineyard and Hawaii water fronts) and moving further inland because they’ve all told us that the oceans are rising and New York City will soon be under water.

My cmnt: Not bad for a former community organizer and a minor hospital administrator. They go into politics with little money and come out the other end wealthy elite beachfront property barons, hobnobbing with other rich, liberal, anti-capitalists democrats.

Former President Barack Obama was spotted maskless and scowling while speaking with masked construction architects working on his new Hawaii home. 

The photos taken Friday are the first to show the former president visiting the site of the newly-built beachfront home on Oahuthe Daily Mail reported

The photos show Obama speaking to at least four other men with the construction firm Armstrong Builders, all of whom were masked up. Masks are not required to be worn outside in Hawaii. 

This is a photo of a maskless Obama today in Hawaii inspecting the construction of his oceanfront mansion while all the blue-collar, working-class construction laborers are FORCED to wear masks in his presence.

The property on the southeastern tip of Oahu was purchased in 2015 by Obama’s friend and Obama Foundation chairman Marty Nesbitt for $8.7 million. The property was made famous in the 1980s by the TV show”Magnum P.I.”

Construction on the property came under fire in 2020 when reports surfaced that the project was using a loophole to retain a seawall that is reportedly causing beach erosion. Seawalls interrupt the natural flow of the ocean and prevent beaches from moving inland, according to scientists and environmental experts

Three homes will be built on the site, as well as two pools and an intricate security system. 

Critics of the former president sounded off on social media, characterizing him as a hypocrite for not wearing a mask while all the construction workers and architects were masked up. 

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