Stacey Abrams slammed for maskless pic surrounded by masked kids

By Ben Kesslen – Feb 6, 2022 – for The New York Post

Georgia Democratic nominee Stacey Abrams was slammed for posting a maskless photo with other masked children and adults.
Georgia Democratic nominee Stacey Abrams was slammed for posting a maskless photo with other masked children and adults. Twitter/@staceyabrams

My cmnt: Don’t be fooled by the democrat-media complex’s response to this blatant hypocrisy – Republicans pounce. Rather than ever admit what hypocritical liars they all are they try to redirect and deflect. All the Libs know that masks are worthless political theater and have little to nothing to do with stopping the spread of Covid-19. Democrat politicians like Dr. Fraud Fauci are caught maskless over and over again. The lib response: So.

Democratic star and Georgia gubernatorial candidate Stacey Abrams has sparked outrage after tweeting a photo of herself posing indoors with masked-up students — without wearing a mask herself.

Abrams, 48, joins many of her Democratic peers including California Gov. Gavin Newsom and San Francisco Mayor London Breed, who have been seen gallivanting indoors without masks despite supporting strict face-covering mandates.

The former state minority leader initially tweeted the photo herself at Glennwood Elementary School in Atlanta Friday, writing “Spending time with Glennwood’s amazing students, faculty and staff ranks as spectacular, delightful and outstanding.”

Not only were the pictured students wearing masks, but all the adults in the room also appeared to be masked.


BOBBY BURACK – for – Feb 8, 2022

Horrific. Child abuse.

Abrams posted one photo last week of her visit, oblivious to how bad the optics looked: an obese adult wandering around maskless while politicians demand children — who are at virtually no risk of COVID  — cover their faces.

After tremendous backlash on social media, Abrams deleted the photo and essentially called everyone who criticized her racist. Pointing out a Democrat’s hypocrisy and character flaws is now racist, according to Abrams.

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