MIT Research Scientist Says Kids Should Not Receive COVID Vaccines

By Thomas D. Williams, Ph.D. -15 Jan 2022 – for

A research scientist at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) said Thursday that parents should do everything they can to avoid giving their children the coronavirus vaccine, insisting that the potential harm far outweighs the benefits.

I think it is “outrageous to be giving vaccines to young people because they have a very, very low risk of dying from COVID,” Dr. Stephanie Seneff said in an on-air interview with Laura Ingraham on Fox News Thursday evening.

Seneff, a senior research scientist with MIT’s Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence Laboratory, said the possible benefits for children from the coronavirus vaccine are minimal and “when you look at the potential harm from these vaccines, it just doesn’t make any sense.”

Especially with repeated boosters such treatment “will be devastating in the long term,” she added.

Parents should not be pressured into having their children vaccinated, Seneff said, and rather “should do everything they can to avoid it, absolutely everything they can.”

In a 2021 article coauthored with Dr. Greg Nigh, a naturopathic oncologist, and published in the peer-reviewed International Journal of Vaccine Theory, Practice, and Research, Seneff noted that the “exceptionally rapid movement” of these vaccines through controlled trials and into mass deployment “raises multiple safety concerns.”

Insufficiently researched, the article asserted, is the vaccines’ “potential relationship to a wide range of both acute and long-term induced pathologies, such as blood disorders, neurodegenerative diseases and autoimmune diseases.”

The accelerated and unprecedented production of the vaccines means they have no “history and context against which to fully assess risks, hoped-for benefits, safety, and long-term viability as a positive contribution to public health,” the authors stated in the 42-page article titled “Worse Than the Disease? Reviewing Some Possible Unintended Consequences of the mRNA Vaccines Against COVID-19.”

Readers’ comments:

NO ONE should receive these experimental drugs! (And stop calling them vaccines!)

But how will Pfizer and Moderns get their windfall profits?
When they targeted children you knew it was about $’s and nothing else.

This will be considered a crime against humanity by future Republican governments, and everyone behind this reckless decision will rot in prison for their crime.

Its evidence that the Biden administration be arrested and charged with endangering public health.

Search for and watch on Rumble: “The Pfizer Inoculations Do More Harm Than Good”

So, why does Trump go around bragging about the EXACT OPPOSITE?

Trump is not a Doctor and does not claim to be one. He listened to the
Scientists and Doctors around him. Most of us had no idea of Fauci’s involvement with the gain of function research in Wuhan nor his involvement with the pharmaceutical companies making millions/billions of of this mRNA vaccine
that is experimental — and the people behind creating it.
My own doctor tried to push me into getting it.
There is much more to this “vaccine” than most would have ever dreamed — but thankfully some brave Doctors and nurses are speaking up about the dangers of it.
Inexpensive therapeutics that have been proven to work
are being denied to the American people. Doctors are losing their licenses because they want to prescribe what works.
Trump was excoriated by the MSM for even MENTIONING using HCQ/Zinc that has since been proven to work if given early — because
Fauci and friends wanted the emergency approval for the
vaccines. Lives have been lost because of that. The same for Ivermectin.

This artical explains that parents should NOT..Jab..Their Kids.The So Called (vaccine/Jab)Flows through the lymph system and then the spleen….which is a problem because”α-synuclein, the prion-like protein IS linked to Parkinson’s disease…
Which she WARNS that the …Young may get…in 10 to 15 years.

This not the first article I’ve read, or video I’ve watched, warning parents not to get their children Covid “vaccinated”! Myocarditis, especially in young boys is another adverse event linked to this bio weapon!

The risk for young people under 20 getting myocarditis/pericarditis is at least 5X the risk of them being hospitalized or dying of the flu that Fauci created.

NO ONE should be taking it. It was approved for EMERGENCY use for the public under false pretenses. They could only approve this experimental shot IF there was no effective therapeutic treatment. The CDC, NIH and FDA all knew about Ivermectin and HCQ being safe and effective antiviral drugs, and they even concocted a phony study on HCQ where they tried unsucessfully to make HCQ look ineffective against Fauci’s flu.
They LIED about there not being any therapeutic treatments for the coronavirus. Fauci himself wrote a paper on Ivermectin vs coronavirus and said it was safe and effective.. back in 2005 I think.
And they are STILL lying about Ivermectin and HCQ. Japan has totally halted the EXPERIMENTAL shots and went to using Ivermectin and they have basically crushed the Fauci Flu in Japan, it’s not killing people there anymore and not hospitalizing people and cases are decreasing.

Africa has 1/25th the deaths USA has bc Ivermectin and HCQ are used as Anti-Malaria drugs. Everybody gets them in Africa. That’s why Slow Joe & Admin went nuts on S Africa strain Omnircon. Which is just a Cold Corona Virus!!

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