Covid-19: The Never-Ending Story

By MICHAEL BRENDAN DOUGHERTY – Nov 17, 2021 – for National Review

Fraud Fauci with his mask-prop on when the camera’s are looking waiting to testify before the Senate Health, Education, Labor and Pensions hearing on “Next Steps: The Road Ahead for the COVID-19 Response” on Capitol Hill in Washington, D.C., November 4, 2021. (Elizabeth Frantz/Reuters)

We’re going to be living with COVID from now on, so we don’t need to hang onto every mitigation effort in perpetuity.

My cmnt: The evil and lying democrats cannot let this tactic of over-hyping Covid go. The reason is they are in dire straights of losing the House and the Senate in 2022 and the Whitehouse in 2024, just as they were losing to President Trump and his phenomenal success before the democrats needlessly destroyed the economy in 2020. So just as in the 2020 election they need mass, illegal, mail-in ballots to cheat their way to victory in 2022 and the ONLY way they can get away with this AGAIN is to keep Covid front and center in the public’s imagination and as many Americans as possible totally dependent upon Covid checks to survive.

Dr. Anthony Fauci sometimes changes the numbers on us, doesn’t he? You may remember when he shifted his prediction for when the U.S. would reach herd immunity to COVID-19. Was it new evidence about the disease? No — of course not. “When polls said only about half of all Americans would take a vaccine, I was saying herd immunity would take 70 to 75 percent,” Fauci said. “Then, when newer surveys said 60 percent or more would take it, I thought, ‘I can nudge this up a bit,’ so I went to 80, 85.” He actually had told the New York Times possibly as much as 90 percent vaccination was required.

This week we had another shift. Back in March of this year, Fauci told CNN that the U.S. shouldn’t ease restrictions to prevent COVID-19 until the number of new coronavirus cases falls below 10,000 daily. We got very close to this number in the early summer months before the Delta wave hit. Last week the U.S. reported a daily average of nearly 83,500 new COVID cases. Fauci said that COVID cases may need to fall to 3,300 per day to enable a return to what he called “a degree of normality.”

To put that number in perspective, Ireland had 5,483 new infections reported last Friday, and 89.1 percent of Irish people over the age of twelve have been vaccinated. Ireland has a total population comparable to Alabama’s, just under 5 million. If a nation of 5 million, with that high rate of vaccination, can’t stay under 5,000 new cases a day, what hope does the U.S. have with a population over 330 million?

Or let’s put it another way. Assume that COVID is now endemic — and we will be facing it every year like the common cold and the flu. In a normal year, we experience tens of thousands of symptomatic flu cases per day during flu season. In other words, for the foreseeable future and for as long as we continue to test aggressively for COVID-19, we will still be short of Dr. Fauci’s terms for “a degree of normality.”

Oh, and let’s not let that phrase go without comment. Is that really all that’s on the table? A degree of normality?

Vaccines have already come to market, and the U.S. has just gone through its fastest uptake of a vaccine in history. We are, if reports are to be believed, shortly going to be sold a new therapeutic drug that does wonders for COVID patients, reportedly stopping them from developing a serious or life-threatening illness when they contract the virus.

My cmnt: As I’ve documented on this site in numerous places (simply search for HCQ or ivermectin) we ALREADY have therapeutics including monoclonal antibodies that can nip Covid in the bud. If this new one becomes available it will only be because the democrat investors can make a killing on it which they could not from the readily available and cheap drugs already here.

My cmnt: But don’t misunderstand, I want a therapeutic that the democrats will allow to become available so we can get this nightmare of worthless masking and ineffective vaccines and destructive lockdowns and school closings OVER!

In the face of that reality, and the reality that the strains on hospital systems are becoming much more the normal strains that we lived with for decades previously, what possible reason could there be for talking about mere “degrees of normality”? By the definition of public health as it existed 18 months ago, the current situation looks like a phenomenal triumph and victory.

But yet, we are nowhere near getting a declaration of victory by public-health officials. Instead they are fooling themselves into more winter lockdowns, longer durations of masks, and impositions such as social distancing. Politicians in Europe are increasingly engaged in an attempt at scapegoating the remaining unvaccinated for policies that politicians imposed.

COVID is endemic. We have the best pharmaceutical tools we’re going to get. And health-care systems have learned a great deal about how to treat COVID patients effectively. The virus itself is evolving, just as expected — to be more transmissible but less deadly.

A degree of realism means ending any mitigation effort we don’t want to carry on in perpetuity.

My cmnt: Unfortunately the democrats want EVERY destructive and ineffective mitigation effort to go on FOREVER! Rational discussions like the one above have literally NO effect upon them at all. Their goal is NOT to end Covid but to use it as the never-ending crisis that will give them total control of America far into the foreseeable future.

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