Biden’s first 10 months in cartoons – a picture’s worth a thousand words

It’s now been two years of chaos and destruction. FDR’s mismanagement of the Great Depression (which he made “great”) and of WWII, Johnson’s mismanagement of Vietnam and creation of the Welfare State, Carter’s bungling of Iran and the economy (double digit inflation, unemployment, fuel prices, interest and mortgage rates), Clinton’s selling of ICBM technology to Red China in exchange for campaign donations and giving nuclear reactors to North Korea, Obama’s Great Recession and complete mismanagement of Iraq and Afghanistan wars and printing 4 trillion dollars to bailout banks and companies favorable to democrats, Hillary’s Benghazi debacle, and now – Biden, the worst of them all, mentally senile and physically fragile, ruining President Trump’s greatest economy in 60 years, destroying our energy independence under Trump, opening wide the southern border during Covid and welcoming 4 million additional illegal aliens, rising crime because of democrat defund the police policies and then printing and handing out 10 trillion dollars to his constituents and covering up his dismal economy and thus causing the worse inflation since Carter – yes, it’s true: Never, ever vote democrat.

One of the cleverest takes on Biden or Obama or Clinton – ever!
“If the Wizard is a Wizard who will serve?
Then I’m sure to get a brain
A heart, a home, the nerve”
George Bush – so weak
All kinds of rich, connected democrat politicians have big parties with NO masks

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