‘Let’s Go Brandon’ started as a Republican rally cry — now it’s topping iTunes charts

BY MIKE STUNSON OCTOBER 18, 2021 9:39 AM – for the Sacramento Bee

My cmnt: I’ve taken the liberty of editing this column for accuracy and clarity.

An anti-Joe Biden chant that turned into a meme among Republicans has now inspired one of the hottest songs in the country.

My cmnt: This isn’t simply a Republican chant – it is far too ubiquitous for that! It is people of both parties and independents shouting their disapproval of this figure-head, senile, puppet-president. At just 37% approval, and most of that is from democrat diehards, he would be impeached for his incompetence and misuse of power to cover-up for his son Hunter’s criminality if it were not that people realize Kamala is an even worse incompetent, political hack and airhead than he.

“Let’s Go Brandon” appears to have innocent intentions, but the phrase has turned up repeatedly at college and professional football games as the disdain for this president is felt across the nation. Rapper Loza Alexander capitalized on the popular saying, and his recent song is taking over the iTunes charts.

The chant started following a NASCAR race earlier this month, when the crowd at Alabama’s Talladega Superspeedway was chanting “F–K Joe Biden” as NBC Sports reporter Kelli Stavast interviewed race winner Brandon Brown. The reporter misheard the chants as “Let’s Go Brandon,” and she told Brown what she was hearing.

My cmnt: There was no way that Kelli Stavast did NOT understand what the racing fans were shouting but as a loyal, knee-jerk democrat and afraid of what NBC’s (let alone the whole democrat-media apparatus) dogma-control overlords would do to her – she started the whole thing by pretending to hear “Let’s Go Brandon” instead.

As Biden’s approval rating has dipped in recent months, the “Let’s Go Brandon” phrase has been a popular form of criticizing the president.

Alexander did just that in his song, titled “Lets Go Brandon.” As of Monday morning, the song was No. 2 on the iTunes Top Songs list and No. 1 on its Top Hip-Hop/Rap Songs list.

The “Lets Go Brandon” song includes the lyrics, “Don’t nobody like his a– , huh? | Tried to cover up, but tell the people, go Brandon | But we know what they sayin’, though | You can hear the chant in every post.” The official music video has more than 1 million views as of Monday morning.

“LOZA TRAIN TAKING OVER THE WORLD!!!!” Alexander tweeted Friday as his song was going viral.

Previous releases by Alexander also lean heavily toward a Republican audience. His 2021 album, “M*GA Man,” features songs titled “Voter Fraud/Fraud” and “Wake Up America” along with explicit tracks directed at House SpeakerNancy Pelosi and Vice President Kamala Harris.

His most recent album, “Canceled,” includes songs dissing congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and former Vice President Mike Pence.

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