Soccer star Carli Lloyd dismisses comparisons amid retirement plans: ‘Tom Brady doesn’t have to have kids’

Lloyd announced her plans to retire after the US women’s bronze medal match in Tokyo

U.S. Soccer Star Carli Lloyd Heading to Valley in support of 'Women United'  - Frontdoors Media
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By Paulina Dedaj | Fox News – Sept 22, 2021 for

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U.S. women’s soccer forward Carli Lloyd shut down comparisons between her decision to retire after this year and Tampa Bay Buccaneers quarterback Tom Brady playing well into his 40s, saying he “doesn’t have to have kids.” 

Lloyd, 39, announced her plans after the U.S. women’s bronze medal match at the Tokyo Olympics, saying that she and her husband are “looking forward to starting this next chapter of our lives.”


During an appearance on the “Goal Podcast” this week, Lloyd was asked why she, like Brady, wouldn’t continue to play despite showing no signs of slowing down. 

“Well, Tom Brady doesn’t have to have kids, that’s the one thing for starters!” she replied. “My husband, Brian, and I are eventually going to start a family so the clock’s kind of ticking on that.”

“I don’t think every athlete gets the opportunity to dictate when they go out, to dictate if they’re happy or not, to dictate if they’re on top or not. I’ve always wanted my career to be dictated on me making the decisions. This just felt time for me.”

While Brady, 44, has three children, Lloyd is talking about starting her family. 

“It gets to be a little tiring, you know? Being away from home, the travel and, to be quite honest, having to stay at the top and prove people wrong. It is exhausting,” she continued. “It takes endless work, day in and day out and I’m just ready to kind of shift gears and start this next chapter and live my life and do a lot of things that I’ve put on hold for so many years.”

Brady himself seems to be far away from retirement. He recently said he sees himself being able to play football until 50.

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