Fashion Analysis: Hillary Clinton’s Flattering Yet Sensible Hamptons Lewk Is a ‘Hot Girl Summer’ Triumph

Failed presidential candidate turns heads in secular beach burqa

Andrew Stiles • August 27, 2021 2:00 pm – for The Washington Free Beacon

Hillary Clinton went all out for “Hot Girl Summer” in the Hamptons, where the failed politician was recently spotted roaming the shores with her disgraced husband and a trendy female bodyguard.

The former secretary of state donned a flattering yet sensible lewk that exuded the essence of Megan Thee Stallion’s take on feminine confidence: “[It’s] just basically about … having a [good] time, hyping up your friends, doing you, not giving a damn about what nobody got to say about it.”

Fashion experts told the Washington Free Beacon that Hillary’s outfit, known in the couture industry as a “secular beach burqa,” was an age-appropriate ensemble that sends a powerful message to younger generations: When it comes to summer clothing, sometimes more is more.

Hillary’s long-sleeved top, for example, covered not only her arms and wrists, but also her fingers. The Taliban, who have been praised in the Daily Mail for their “stylish” outfits, would approve. Her baggy blue pants boasted large, deep pockets in addition to a drawstring for increased flexibility, and her “sun destroyer” hat and sunglasses were both practical—in terms of keeping out harmful UV rays—and inconspicuous, a perfect combination for the health conscious celeb who wants to maintain a low profile in public.

Bare feet are so 2019, which made Hillary’s choice of hiking shoes both sensible and fashion forward. Her exposed neckline, meanwhile, showed off her playful and seductive side, a criminally underrated aspect of her public persona. She isn’t afraid to flash some skin, but not too much—just enough to make us yearn for more.

Hillary really stole the show, our fashion experts argued, with her formidable accessories: a titular husband (and former president of the United States, no less), who judging by his facial expression would rather be anywhere else, and a young, racially ambiguous female bodyguard. Diversity and inclusion are very on-trend, obviously.

Hillary is the first woman in American history to lose a presidential election after being nominated by a major party, and the only politician to ever lose an election to Donald Trump.

One thought on “Fashion Analysis: Hillary Clinton’s Flattering Yet Sensible Hamptons Lewk Is a ‘Hot Girl Summer’ Triumph

  1. Clothes are just the exterior, but … sometimes attire can communicate a society’s moral values. The most disturbing messaging to me is the frequent sight of a lady in a hijab (conveying submission to the religous system rather than obedience to God) who is also wearing ripped jeans instead of modest attire like a dress (conveying rebellion against patriarchy and the fake empowerment of women). Here’s a couple more. A lady wearing a mask while her shirt says ‘I can’t breathe’. Or a man going about cross-dressing and acting like that makes him a woman. Men’s attire will always be boring. A plain man will be plain no matter what he wears, and a handsome man will be handsome no matter what he wears (provided he is sufficiently clothed). But women’s attire has the real capacity to transform a plain woman into a pleasant jewel, and unsuitable clothing (or insufficient clothing) can transform a natural beauty into awful disgust. In this sense the public values conveyed by modern society do not point to sound morals or bode well for the future at all.


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