Face Masks on children are the new Duck-n-Cover drills

I’m old enough to remember the ridiculous Duck and Cover drills the government required us to do in the public schools. We saw educational (i.e., propaganda) films like ‘Our friend the Atom’ but were told horror stories of how we were all going to die if we didn’t have a bomb shelter and obediently go out into the halls, kneel down on our hands and knees, cover our heads with our arms and thereby survive a nuclear attack.

Chuck Lorre, the creator of a number of hit comedies on CBS, was apparently traumatized by those old duck-n-cover drills. His vanity card #579 says this:

This Card #579 aired 3 times on Jan 18th on 3 different Lorre sitcoms:

Apparently Lorre is blaming President Donald Trump for resurrecting the trauma of his boyhood fears of nuclear annihilation as a 66 year old man. That is one powerful Boogeyman.

But Lorre also remembers that ‘low drumbeat of existential dread’ just vanishing away sometime in his later years like so much smoke in the wind. It just magically went away and he doesn’t remember when or why.

Lorre, like most democrats, loves to forget that it was the ‘wise and prudent’ President Ronald Reagan who allayed his fear. He was the president who bravely faced down the Soviet threat by first calling it what it was – the Evil Empire – and then by building up the decrepit American economy he inherited from Carter (the former worse president until Obama who has now been superseded by that even worse senile, old bag of bones Biden) and then building up the American nuclear arsenal and military to where Soviet Russia simply could not keep up.

It was the great Ronald Reagan who uttered those prophetic and monumental words, “Mr. Gorbachev, tear down this wall.” And then suddenly the Soviet empire collapsed under its own weight of incompetence and evil and was no more. Without a shot being fired or a nuclear missile launched. Reagan’s ‘peace through strength’ proved, as it always does, to be the only way you deal successfully with foreign tyrants.

When Reagan famously quipped (to an audio engineer), “My fellow Americans, I’m pleased to tell you today that I’ve signed legislation that will outlaw Russia forever. We begin bombing in five minutes”, Leftist heads all over America did explode. That is how unhinged and looney they are. Only their demented minds could have possibly taken such a statement seriously. Those of us grounded in reality and with a sense of humor laughed and admired Reagan’s sense of daring and political humor, something Leftists lack entirely.

But oh how democrats miss those good old days of bedtime horror stories. Scaring little children is how democrats have sought and maintained power (besides cheating in elections) over the gullible for generations.

Scaring little children with bedtime stories of the population bomb, the pollution bomb, the ozone-depletion bomb, the acid rain bomb, the 3 Mile Island bomb, the climate bomb, the resources bomb, the racism bomb, defund the police bomb, the Republicans bomb, and now back to the nuclear bomb is what democrats specialize in. Lorre should not be surprised. As a creature of the democrat-media complex and echo chamber he believes what he is told by these deceivers.

When President Trump, like Reagan before him, faced down communist tyrants in North Korea and China they all started wetting their pants with panic. He’s going to get us all killed – they wailed.

But it wasn’t the ‘Orange Man Bad’ who resurrected the nuclear threat it was Bill Clinton and his Secretary of State Madeleine Albright who did. Her traitorous policies flowed directly from her foolish notion of international equality. The Clinton administration believed, like all Leftists, that the United States could not be trusted as the world’s lone superpower. So they sold nuclear intercontinental missile technology to the Red Chinese and forced South Korea to give that fat, little pot-bellied dictator in North Korea nuclear reactors – for peaceful purposes only, you might remember.

Still President Trump’s policies, both foreign and domestic, were remaking the world and especially America into a better, more prosperous and safer place. This could not stand. He had to be removed.

Two failed, and utterly ridiculous, impeachment show trials by that most evil of all democrats Nancy Pelosi could not do it. Constant and unrelenting personal attacks by the democrat-media complex could not do it. Lying about everything Trump was accomplishing could not do it as people were saying, ‘Who you gonna believe, democrats or your own lying eyes?’.

No. It took a bioweapon from the democrats in China to do it. And when even this failed they stole the election by lying about Covid-19’s minimal threat to most people and used it as the excuse for the illegal and un-Constitutional mass distribution of millions of fraudulent mail-in ballots that were then counted in the wee hours of the morning on the day after the election.

And so, since polls have shown for decades that Americans do not fear nuclear annihilation but rather fear communist and Iranian proxy wars, the loss of their civil liberties, democrat stupidity, cowardice and traitorous foreign policies; the Looney Left has launched its next big scare-the-children tactic with this endless, worthless masking of children. Their intent being to create a whole generation of children, who like Chuck Lorre, grow-up fearing something that is and was never going to happen to them. Because mindless and baseless fear is the bedrock of the democratic party. It always has been and always will be.

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