It isn’t over until they say it’s over

So we need to make them

Alex Berenson
Alex Berenson Jul 20, 2021 – on

My cmnt: I have two of Berenson’s little books on Covid-19. He has made himself an expert in reporting on this field by extensive reading and reviewing the technical literature. Click on substack above to see lots more.

I realized something this morning:

I am sick to death of Covid.

Not from Covid.

Of Covid.

You probably are too.

Let’s be honest. Totally honest. If the media hadn’t been in a frenzy the last 18 months, would those of us who aren’t frontline medical workers have any idea Covid even existed? Not one of our fears of February 2020 have come to pass. No mass burials, no food shortages, no one dying in the streets. Hospitals have been open and able to treat everyone who arrives at their doors, with Covid or without.

Do you know one person who died? Or became seriously ill? Have you even HEARD second- or third-hand of a person who was not over 75 or already seriously ill or morbidly obese who died?

I’m just going to say it: 600,000 deaths has never looked more like zero. If you’d never heard of Covid, maybe you would have been surprised last year to hear that your grandma with Alzheimer’s – no mind left, but healthy – had suddenly died of pneumonia from an outbreak in her nursing home. Maybe that 400-pound guy down the street would have dropped from what you thought was the flu instead of the heart attack you expected.

Covid barely exists for most of us.

Still the media and public health authorities won’t leave us alone. Every day they have something else: Long Covid, the variants, the back-and-forth over masks, and now the vaccines and the vaccine mandates. EVEN IF THE VACCINES WERE HARMLESS TO EVERYONE – and they are demonstrably not harmless – under the circumstances forcing anyone to take them would be wrong.

But they can’t help themselves.

Not about the vaccines, and not about anything else. This morning, the “chief health officer” of an Australian province told her subjects – I mean the free citizens of a democratic country – that they shouldn’t talk to each other because someone in the province had died of Covid. “Now is the time for minimizing your interaction with others,” she said.


The only imaginable response to Dr. Kerry Chant is: Who do you think you are?

Since the beginning, Covid has been both a political godsend to the left and a big business. But I’ve assumed that sooner or later the public health mandarins and their water-carriers in the media would have to admit the truth. Yet they won’t.

I don’t know if they are still truly scared – how can they still truly be scared? – or if they just don’t want to admit the absurdity of the last 18 months or if they are just in love with the power we have given them.

Now they want to force you – and your kids – to take a vaccine. With a new biotechnology that appears less effective and more risky by the day. For a disease that is the flu-plus for most of us, and not even the flu for the young.

More than 230 years ago, France became the first European country to stand against tyranny and for freedom. Now the French are in the streets again, protesting for the right to make medical choices for themselves – a right I’d never imagined was in doubt, not in the West in 2021.

Let’s hope the French government – along with the rest of the countries that still call themselves democratic and free – hears and heeds this anger.

Or I fear the next 18 months will make the last 18 look like a picnic.

Readers’ comments:

Lee Ann Loup
Jul 20Cross-reactive Immunity
New studies show over 90% of people have some degree of pre-existing immunity. Mostly t-cell. Great study also showed that those who died in the hospital had no sign of pre-existing cross-reactive immunity. Why on Earth would any rational person assume there was no significant cross-reactive immunity when this first started? Who cares about antibodies…. Let’s talk T-cell repertoire. So many of us will never get this virus due to exposure to influenza, HuCov-OC43, even potentially Repeat exposure to Bovine Coronavirus for those of us raised around cattle. I have tried so hard to get this. In a car for 23 hours with my symptomatic husband; I literally had him sneeze in my face. I have answers. I know epitopes and proteins, but no one wants to listen. The answer to a future pandemic is not who has the disease, but who has pre-existing immunity. That’s how we prevent them from locking us down again. That’s how we resist the fear! Not to mention the new information out of Isreal that over 50% of those getting the delta variant are fully vaccinated. The only people dying are old and/or have co-morbidities. Very few deaths anywhere per Out World data!!! My biggest fear is that after 12-18 months when the antibodies produced from the vaccine wane in those who have no natural immunity and are over age 60, it will be interesting to see if antibody dependent enhancement occurs due to other variants. As of now, there has not been enough time to determine the answer to this question and any attempt to do so is just anti-science. That question causes me to fear for those who think they are safe. And what about Ivermectin? This treatment protocol is insanely effective. It could have saved hundreds of thousands of lives and let us all live normally. We’ve had a treatment since December!!!! This is the truly greatest crime against humanity. Glad to chat Alex if you need any info to help you connect dots! Keep up the good work of true journalism!
This reader talks about cross-reactive immunity

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