Warrant out for Lincoln man accused of smashing windows while dressed as Deadpool during riots

By Lori Pilger Nov 20, 2020 Updated Dec 31, 2020 – for the Lincoln Journal Star

Protest and Cleanup, 5.31
Buildings along Lincoln Mall had broken windows on May 31 following protests down the street at the County-City building. FRANCIS GARDLER, JOURNAL STAR FILE PHOTO

A warrant has gone out for the arrest of a 25-year-old Lincoln man, wanted in connection to nearly $17,000 in damage to windows along Lincoln Mall early May 31.

Police say the destruction was caught on video, the man dressed in a Deadpool costume armed with a hammer.

The Lancaster County Attorney’s Office charged Christopher W. Gray with felony criminal mischief, and the warrant was issued Thursday. 

The night of May 30, after several hours of peaceful protests over George Floyd’s killing by a police officer in Minneapolis, “the mob devolved into riotous behavior” directed at buildings near the Hall of Justice into early May 31, Sgt. Chris Vigil said in a search warrant filed earlier this month for Gray’s Facebook account.  

He said video captured a man dressed as Deadpool — a fictional comic book character —  smashing windows with a hammer, breaking 13, and continuing around the corner, still swinging, at the building at 1128 Lincoln Mall owned by Nebco Inc. 

Police say 26 windows were smashed in all, for an estimated loss of $16,770.

After photos from the video were posted on Crimestoppers on June 18, a tip came in from a confidential informant who alleged it was Gray. Vigil said another officer compared Gray’s driver’s license photo and a photo police had on file and thought it could be him. 

He said a post on Gray’s Facebook page showed him in a costume of the Marvel Comics character like the one in the video, and another confirmed he had been in the area of the Hall of Justice late May 30. 

After police talked to Gray on Oct. 14, the photo of him in the Deadpool costume no longer was visible on his public Facebook page, Vigil said. 

Gray denied it was him or being involved in the damage, according to the arrest warrant. 

He hadn’t yet been arrested as of late Friday afternoon. 

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