Video shows wild beatdown at Little Caesars in Georgia

By Joshua Rhett Miller and Sam Raskin – May 18, 2021 – for The New York Post

The savage beatdown of a woman in a Little Caesars in Georgia was caught on video — showing the suspect dragging the victim out of the pizza shop by her hair and a toddler jumping in to stop the fight.

The pummeling took place about 4 p.m. Monday at the Augusta eatery when Brittany Kennedy, 25, allegedly confronted Emily Broadwater, 22, yanking the chair out from under her, according to the Richmond County Sheriff’s Office.

The viral video, which was taken by a bystander and posted on Twitter, shows Broadwater scrambling on the floor and screaming as Kennedy — who has the victim by the hair — pummels her repeatedly.

At one point, a toddler with a pink bow in her hair throws herself into the fray, as the bystander shouts, “Move the baby! Move the baby!”

No one in the pizza shop attempts to break up the fight — though the bystander drags the young girl from the fracas.

As Broadwater makes futile attempts at fighting back, Kennedy punches her about 20 times, bloodying the victim’s face, the wild recording shows.

Kennedy then drags Broadwater out of the restaurant to the sidewalk by her hair — as the victim continues screaming.

The video then shows Kennedy throwing Broadwater to the ground once more and stomping her head.

“My baby!” Broadwater cries as she gets up, her face covered in blood.

It’s unclear what prompted the fight.

On Tuesday, the sheriff’s office issued a wanted poster for Kennedy on assault charges, according to a police report posted by Augusta Crime and confirmed by The Post.

Broadwater’s bottom lip was lacerated and “severely swollen” from the beatdown, but she refused to be taken to the hospital via an ambulance, the police report said.

“A girl with a baby,” witness Dean Willard told local TV station WJBF. “That ain’t right.”

“They should have handled it a different way rather than doing it in public,” said Charles Johnson, another witness, according to the station.

Augusta woman wanted for Battery after fight on Wrightsboro Road

My cmnt: For another take on this attack consider the following…

By: Dawn WiseRenetta DuBoseWJBF Staff Posted: May 18, 2021 / 09:58 AM EDT / Updated: May 18, 2021 / 06:17 PM EDT

AUGUSTA (WJBF) – People are still talking about the fight that broke out Monday at a local restaurant. The community is taking to social media and picking sides while investigators search for the suspect.

Deputies responded to the Little Caesars Pizza on Wrightsboro Road just after 4 o’clock in the afternoon Monday for the fight.

Charles Johnson was there to witness it.

“They should have handled it a different way rather than doing it in public,” he said.

Another man, who only wanted to be identified as “Bull,” said of the fight, “It’s on sight. On sight is on sight. Jesus can be standing right there. You feel me? You gotta get dealt with, you gon get dealt with.”

The incident report states the woman being assaulted is 22-year-old Emily Broadwater, from Appling. The fight, which was not only captured on multiple cell phones, but surveillance video in the store as well, shows the two women moved from inside the restaurant to right outside the door. The suspect is shown dragging the victim by her hair and later stomping her head into the ground, all in front of a child.

The victim was left with cuts, bruises, a black eye, and swollen face. She was treated at the scene, but refused to go to the hospital in an ambulance.

“A girl with a baby,” Dean Willard reacted. “That ain’t right.”

Authorities said the suspect is 25-year-old Brittany Kennedy and she’s now wanted for battery. The deputy reports Broadwater will prosecute.

The story caught massive attention on Facebook, alleged posts from both Broadwater and Kennedy reveal the fight was over children and their father, starting at a home and ending at Little Caesar’s.

“If everybody stayed in their own lane and mined their own business and stuff, and just showed respect nothing would have happened,” Bull stated.

Brittany Kennedy is known to frequent the Fox Den area and the 3200 block of Wrightsboro Rd.

Any information concerning this suspect, please contact the Richmond County Sheriff’s Office at 706-821-1020 or 706-821-1080.

Little Caesars released the following statement:

“The safety of our crew members and customers is the most important thing to us.  In any case where a customer or employee is in danger, we advise our crew members to call the police immediately.”


Readers’ Comments from :

This would be a hate crime if it was the other way around.

What caused it doesn’t matter. The black POS needs to go to jail.

Yup , she was the aggressor. Lock her up

I’ve said this so many times… Anyone defending BLM or Black people… Needs to spend real time around Black people.

You will only then see….there is something very wrong with Black people.

MSM cannon fodder.

That’s what white people always say

Because its true, racist.

What an animal POS.

They’ll never get it.

It was a Little Caesars full of black people…what other reason do they need to attack the only white person? She’s white so she automatically deserves whatever happens in their minds.

When I read a headline like this I already know what the perpetrator looks like and I’m right 95% of the time.

Just another hate crime in a long list of black on white hate crimes.

Black on White, Black on Asian, Black on Black… starting to see a pattern emerge…hmmmmmmm

Racist!!! How dare you point out the most failed culture in world history!

Inhuman savages

At some point racism, becomes common sense.

And they wonder why they are equated to animals.

Animals don’t kill and maim for sport or invent things like the knock out game!

Barbaric savages is more like it! Animals don’t act anything like this!

Chimps do.

How did I know before I ever clicked on the headline?

Michelle Obama is way out of control.

Fire the zookeeper for leaving the animal cages unlocked!!!

why am i not surprised she’s black.

Perhaps because blacks commit over 60% of violent crime and over 50% of all murders in this country?

And the country is 13% black, but of that, about 2-3% commit those crimes and murders. That would be males aged 13-26.

Black fat ass females are not far behind. they are eating up the poor blacks bs and think they can do anything and not be responsible. I am fed up with with all the black attention in this country. We have so many important issues we should be dealing with rather than blacks and drag queens.

I learned after many crimes against me as a youngster to stay clear of blacks when walking home or to school.

Betcha, she won’t be fully prosecuted because of her privilege.

Them out of control @pes running wild! Can’t get the ghetto out the hood rat…

A wild brawl causing the savage beatdown of a woman in a Georgia Little Caesars

More like

A wild black savage beating a white woman in a Georgia Little Caesars.

The big fat black woman was dirty fighting by holding the white woman’s hair with one hand while mercilessly punching her in the face with the other, then dragging her by her hair outside and then stomping on her head – twice! Disgusting savagery.

You grow up in the hood and you fight dirty or you get your ass beat

Mucking Funkeys

How did I know she would be black?

I thought the narrative was blacks are victims of white racism and live in fear of white nationalism.

Well, you said it…that was to much sarcastic truth.
In the U.S. today more European-Americans are the victim of racial-hate crimes than anyone else, but no one would ever know it by the way corporate news agencies “lie by omission”.

…and no one helped her. Sad and depraved.

In this crazy day and age, people don’t want to get involved for fear of being sued or labeled!!! Personally I would of grabbed the black woman’s arm and held her for the cops!!!

A lot of fat in that arm.

If you’d grabbed the black woman’s arm she’d a kicked the shit out of you too and you’d be jumped by every other black in there.

Other sources have reported that the white girl is now shagging the black girl’s ex (and baby daddy). Black girl took exception to that. A tale as old as time 😆

White girl played with crap and got it on her.

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