Report: Joe Biden’s Dog Major Involved in Second Biting Incident

By JOSHUA CAPLAN 30 Mar 2021 – for

My cmnt: In the real world a dog who has a second biting incident has to be kept caged or restrained in some manner, otherwise it must be put down. If it bites again the owner can be successfully sued for knowingly keeping a dangerous animal. However in the irrational, bizarre world of democratic politics anything goes. O’Biden cannot be seen as being unable to control his dogs so they will certainly bite (not nip) again. And as with Hunter Biden’s known use of illegal narcotics and unethical (i.e., illegal) dealings with China – nothing will be done. Also one of the dogs has pooped on the floor in the White House (see article below this one).

My cmnt: As per the normal sycophantic press coverage of all things democrat and particularly of O’Biden none of this matters. I shudder to think of how this would be covered if the democrats had not stolen the election and President Trump owned dangerous dogs and kept them in the White House to boot.

Political Cartoons by Al Goodwyn
Al Goodwyn – Saturday, April 3, 2021

One of the Biden family dogs — a three-year-old German shepherd named Major — was involved in a second biting incident at the White House, according to a Tuesday afternoon report.

CNN wrote:

The incident, which involved a National Park Service employee, took place on the White House South Lawn on Monday afternoon. The employee was working at the time and needed to stop in order to receive treatment from the White House medical unit. Asked about this latest episode, first lady Jill Biden’s press secretary Michael LaRosa told CNN: “Yes, Major nipped someone on a walk. Out of an abundance of caution, the individual was seen by WHMU and then returned to work.”

On March 8, Major first found himself in the dog house after biting a Secret Service employee at the White House. The employee’s injury was concerning enough to require treatment from members of the White House medical team.

White House press secretary Jen Psaki later downplayed the injury as “minor,” saying the incident was due to Major “getting acclimated” to his new home. The German shepherd was “surprised by an unfamiliar person,” Psaki added. Following the incident, both Major and Champ — the Bidens’ other German shepherd — were sent to the president’s hometown of Wilmington, Delaware, but later returned to the White House.

Earlier this March, President Biden called Major a “sweet dog” and said he was undergoing training.

“You turn a corner, and there’s two people you don’t know at all. And [Major] moves to protect,” said Biden. “But he’s a sweet dog. Eighty-five percent of the people there love him,” the president told ABC News. “He just — all he does is lick them and wag his tail. But … I realize some people, understandably, are afraid of dogs to begin with.”

However, as CNN previously reported, Major is known to “display agitated behavior on multiple occasions, including jumping, barking, and ‘charging’ at staff and security.”

Major was adopted by the Biden family in 2018.

Readers’ comments:

My Lord, Biden can’t even govern a dog.

German Shepherds are great dogs that need constant exercise and training. Joe Biden at his age and with dementia and problems even walking up stairs is clearly incapable of properly taking care of this breed. They need to trade these wonderful Conservative working dogs in for a couple lazy liberal couch potatoes maybe a couple Pekingese or Bassett hounds… they could lay around all day like Joe taking naps…

Biden can’t even take care of himself much less a dog, although the dog is probably smarter!

Heard that they may replace the german shepherd with a chow chow .. he’s got a better relationship with the Chinese anyway

I’ve had chow chows, they’re vicious dogs.

Indeed very bad temperaments.

Those dogs are biting the wrong person.

They need to chaw on a Kami leg.

They won’t bite into rancid meat.

Good one!! Then that leaves out Kamalaroma..i was hoping they’d get to her next!


the taste would be unbearable.

call Ceasar Milan

Sounds like a democrat. They keep children in cages at the border but let dogs run free.

The `dogs` are taking over the White House; literally.

Once again..depends if they know WHO’S IN CHARGE!!

Chows are nasty dogs – only dog I have ever been afraid of 

We lived in the country when I was a kid and we had two chows. Great guard dogs but very aggressive and ill tempered. My siblings and I were afraid to go near them. They would not attack us and would defend us but they did not like us. Their puppies however were the cutest and loveliest little balls of fur you could ever imagine. Super fun to play with them once weaned and separated from their mother.

Chows are incredibly loyal to their owners, dislike strangers. People that have Chows love the breed. As a groomer, they can be a challenge, but I can usually reach an understanding. They will tolerate me for a short while.

My brother had a Chow-Shepherd mix. That dog was the fiercest guard dog I’ve ever seen. 

Mine were dumb and hated kids.

Agreed, the Bidens knew Democrat character, and may have brought the dogs because they can be trusted further than his staff.

Chows are very protective of their masters, but not so friendly to children. They are beautiful dogs, no doubt, but they are sixty pounds of sheer muscle primed to attack. They were Temple Dogs in China, Guardians.

Poopgate: Responses Trending As Biden’s Dogs Adjust To The White House

By Peter Suciu Contributor – for

The Bidens dogs Champ(R) and Major are seen on the South Lawn of the White House in Washington, DC, … [+] 

Most pet owners have to deal with unfortunate “accidents” involving their animals, and this is especially true when those animals move to a new home. In this case however, it isn’t just any house it is the White House and the animals in question are Champ and Major – one of which left more than his mark in a hallway.

The Associated Press was among the media outlets that rushed to share the story on Twitter. @AP reported, “Ruh roh! Biden pooch drops doggie doo in White House hallway.”

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