The Cancellation Of Dr. Seuss Is No Joke — It’s A Cultural Revolution

MARCH 3, 2021 By The Federalist Staff – for The Federalist

On this episode of “The Federalist Radio Hour,” Federalist Senior Editor Chris Bedford joins Culture Editor Emily Jashinsky to discuss President Joe Biden and the left’s attempts to cancel Dr. Seuss’s books and the implications for American culture.

“He wasn’t a perfect man, but the books he wrote for children … these are innocent, innocent things,” Bedford said. “For any expert or educator to over-analyze this and to look at these memories in these children’s books and to draw anything but wanting to bring happiness, that show you not what’s in Dr. Seuss’ heart, it shows you what’s in those experts’ hearts. … We should have pity for these people who look at Dr. Seuss and put racial stereotypes, they put hate, they put things like that on him.”

While uproar over a series of beloved children’s books might seem silly to some, Bedford said it is the left’s way of manipulating and targeting American values and requires pushback.

“Will the left eventually destroy this country? Probably,” Bedford concluded. “We need to actually launch campaigns for our ability to read these books to our children and grandchildren because otherwise it’ll be forgotten, and the left is very good at this.”

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