Common sense things: Covid restrictions were a farce from the beginning

Even if we did not have the mountains of evidence that the democrats, with that lying, little glory hog Dr. Fauci as their wingman, have been arbitrarily laying ground rules for how Americans should live – just by using ‘our own lying eyes’ we could see that none of their pronouncements, dictates, orders and directives make any sense.

First, IF the Chinese Wuhan virus (aka the Wu-Flu, Severe acute respiratory syndrome coronavirus 2, SARS-CoV-2 or the Wuhan Chinese novel coronavirus) were as deadly to the general population and especially those under the age of 50 and in normal health as we were led to believe we would see massive numbers of those in this population group sick or dying. As it is we see virtually no one in this group, statistically out of 320 million people in America, in this condition.

Second, IF Covid-19 were as deadly as hyped to the general population and especially those under 50 and in normal health we could not in good conscience send these people out to work during the entire course of this plague with the excuse they were ‘necessary or vital or essential’ workers. We do NOT send any kind of worker into a biohazard zone (i.e., radiation contaminated, virally contaminated, etc.) for ANY reason without first placing them into an impenetrable, ventilated, total hazmat suit. This is because IF something is truly deadly it WILL kill you if exposed. Not maybe, not roll of the dice, no ifs, ands or buts.

Third, WE did send out our so-called essential workers – doctors, nurses, medical aides, grocery stockers, truck drivers, med techs, custodians, food chain suppliers, electrical and all utility workers, et al. too many to name – to man (or woman) these posts so that we would not all starve or have no gas or no electricity or water or anything else. We kept Walmart and Costco and ALL of the grocery stores and gas stations and hospitals OPEN and staffed the entire time of this so-called deadly plague. So these, of all people, should be dead or dying of Covid-19 – yet they are not.

Fourth, MY daughter-in-law went to work from the very beginning of this hysteria as an x-ray tech and took our two grandsons to their on-site daycare every day and none of them got sick or died. Yet our schools had to be closed. Why? Because the teachers’ unions wanted free paid time off and they are primary donors to democrats. My son, another essential worker, went to drive his delivery truck for UPS every day from the very beginning and also never got sick nor died. I went to Walmart or the grocery store WITHOUT a mask every stinking day from the very beginning of the shutdown just for something to do. I did this without ever skipping a day. I lived my life as normal. I’m old. I never got sick nor died.

Fifth, IF face masks (aka compliance cloths, face diapers, freedom muzzles) actually work then why don’t they work? Why let felons and prisoners out of jail when all we had to do was give them masks? Why are conscientious masks wearers still getting sick and dying? Why are those people who conscientiously quarantined at home among the largest group of the afflicted? Why are the homeless street people among the smallest group of the afflicted?

Sixth, THINK about the masking rules and how arbitrarily ridiculous they are. You must wear a mask into the gym or fitness center but you can take it off while you are heavily breathing on the treadmill or at the weight machine. You must wear a mask into the restaurant but you can take it off while you are talking with the waiter, your guests and eating your food. You must wear a mask on the sideline but you can take it off while you play college volleyball, basketball or football and are blowing your contaminated breath all over your face-to-face opponents and teammates. You must wear a mask into the dental office and while you are sitting in the waiting room but then you can (must) take it off so the hygienist can clean your teeth or while the dentist inspects your mouth. The coach must wear the mask while standing on the sideline but can pull it down (so he can be heard) when actually talking to the unmasked player just coming off or going onto the field. These absurdities can be multiplied indefinitely.

Seventh, IF lockdowns actually work then why are those people who religiously stayed at home and never went out among the largest group infected, sick and dying? Is it because concentrating the viral load by constantly rebreathing the same stale contaminated air by forced ‘sheltering’ (I just hate these code words of the Left) in place was the absolutely stupidest and venial thing to make people do?? Is it because closing beaches and parks and all outdoor venues (and arresting people for surfing!!) was the absolutely stupidest and venial thing the authorities and ‘experts’ could possibly do when everyone acknowledges that fresh air and sunshine dissipate and kill the virus?? Is it because the real purpose of this blue state, democrat-run shutdown, lockdown, mask wearing nonsense was really just to exercise control and destroy Trump’s base of small business owners??

Eighth, WHY were casinos left open while churches were shuttered? Why are ‘essential’ businesses safe but nonessential ones aren’t? Why are we listening to anything these deranged Leftists say??

Nineth, SINCE we know that those over 80 are the MOST vulnerable group for contracting, getting sick and dying from Covid-19 why did Andrew Cuomo and other blue state governors send those already sick with Covid to nursing homes of all places?? Why didn’t that arrogant moron Cuomo use the thousands of beds President Trump supplied, at great effort and cost, for the sick and dying of Covid? Was it simply so that President Trump would not get any credit for saving the lives of New Yorkers?

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