Six More Questions about Masks Our Overlords Refuse to Answer (Part II)

Scott Morefield

Scott Morefield | Posted: Feb 01, 2021 12:01 AM – for

My cmnt: You can read Part 1 by clicking on ‘six questions’ below. I did not post it because it wasn’t that interesting to me. This Part 2 is better. I am genuinely concerned, after the stolen election by the democrats for O’Biden, how much more of our civil liberties will be suspended (permanently?) by these power hungry dictators in the democrat party. The year 2020 was one, long nightmare with forced masking, quarantining, social distancing, closure of public schools, cancelation of sports (especially youth sports), wearing masks while playing sports, the closure of restaurants, limited seating in Church!, the destruction of small businesses, and the needless running up of the national debt and more.

Obviously, the six questions our mask-cultist overlords absolutely refuse to give a clear answer for – because there is no clear answer – was just the tip of the iceberg. Just like almost every other botched “response” these jokers have attempted over the course of this pandemic, almost nothing about forced public masking makes sense, and yet they stubbornly cling to it like it’s their newfound religion.

The latest evidence they are full of Schiff comes as Dr. Fauci and others now advise people to wear two and EVEN THREE masks to “protect” themselves and others from coronavirus. Of course, these morons fail to admit that the single masks aren’t doing squat given that high mask compliance and high virus spread seem to be a consistent correlation these days. They just double and triple down, expecting the plebes to continue obeying without question.

Well I, for one, have no intention of obeying. Instead, I’ll just keep asking more questions. How’s that? Perhaps their inability to answer them will serve as a clue that this particular emperor has been stark naked since day one.

Why do students and children need to wear masks when they aren’t spreading the virus?

Pushback on school districts STILL refusing to open in-person learning is now even coming from Trump-era lockdown-loving Democrats like Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot. The logic they now use is the logic we’ve known the entire pandemic – that young people, particularly children, tend to not catch or spread the virus to any significant degree. Of course, getting back to school is simply the baseline. Getting kids back to NORMAL school should be the goal. During such a fragile time in life when critical social skills are developed, why are they still forcing children to wear face muzzles in school?

I am told that most high schools enforce masking with Nazi-like precision, with even minor violators punished severely. Want to take an unobstructed breath? Remove your face covering in a hallway at your own peril. Indeed, while this is a disease that (mostly) affects the old, we continue to insist on punishing the young. I’ll just come out and say it because far too few people will: this is cruelty, and unnecessary cruelty at that.

Why do children have to wear masks while participating in athletics?

Take everything I wrote above, ramp up the volume by a thousand, and you might begin to experience the frustration I have with the psychotic imbeciles behind forcing kids to wear masks WHILE THEY ARE ENGAGED IN ATHLETIC ACTIVITIES. I write words for a living, and I have no words to describe the level of hell these psychopaths are headed to for subjecting children to this kind of abuse. It’s absolutely monstrous.

“I really push the kids really hard as far as getting up and down the court running and things like that. I worry that they’ll struggle to adjust to breathing with these masks on,” a Minnesota girls high school basketball coach told a local outlet for a story about the beginning of youth practices in the state. True to form, Democratic leaders, being men and women of ‘science,’ tend to be the most prone to muzzling students’ oxygen-holes while they exert themselves physically, despite the fact that there is precious little research on the potential harm. As I wrote last week, breathing fully, correctly, and not through a moist, bacteria-laden piece of cloth, is suddenly no longer an issue compared to the remote possibility of slightly lessening the chances of catching a mild (to them) virus.

Why is bacteria spread not a thing anymore?

If you’ve been watching and are prone to notice such things, you’ll see it everywhere. People, even the most ‘virtuous,’ mask-loving Democrats, touching their faces, adjusting their masks, and when they remove them to speak, fingering them like they are simply an extra clothing item instead of a contaminated biohazard. Before COVID, health care professionals had a protocol for wearing, changing, rarely touching, and properly disposing of masks – which were and are used to curb bacteria spread, NOT viruses. I presume highly-trained physicians haven’t altered these protocols, but I also KNOW that 99.99% of the public doesn’t even know what they are, much less follow them. Apparently, coronavirus has miraculously made bacteria spread ‘disappear.’

Why do we need to wear a mask after being vaccinated?

Sure, theoretically there’s always a chance someone could have a virus lingering around and that virus could possibly infect someone else. Welcome to the latest link in the long chain of the history of humanity. Out of an ‘abundance of caution,’ we are told, mask-wearing must continue even for those who have been fully vaccinated. I mean, what the hell? We’re already being asked to take a vaccine with a shockingly high rate of adverse effects, but if our overlords aren’t even going to ‘allow’ us to stop wearing masks when we’ve taken it, what on earth is the point? It’s all stick, no carrot with these people. Nah, instead of listening to the consistently wrong Dr. Anthony Fauci, I think I’ll stick to the advice of Dr. Rand Paul, who says people who have immunity, whether through the disease or the vaccine, should “throw your mask away and tell these so-called experts to take a flying leap.”

Why are places with draconian mask mandates not consistently doing better than those without?

There’s a reason mask-worshipping media leftists keep pointing to that bogus, cherry-picked Kansas mask ‘study’ from the summer. It’s because the data since the fall spike began ramping up in October shows absolutely zero difference between mask mandated and non-mask mandated areas. I won’t belabor this since I’ve covered this in multiple columns, but the proof is in the pudding. If they had anything recent and concrete, they’d be shouting it from the rooftops.

When will it end?

In case you hadn’t figured this out yet, the short answer is “never.” Joe Biden says give it 100 days, which will be about as accurate as “15 days to slow the spread.” He says “not forever,” but you can tell he’s lying because his mouth is moving. In truth, our elites intend masks to be an eternal reminder of peasants’ adherence to authority. If we’re lucky, red states and counties will fight back to contain this to perhaps certain seasons in certain parts of the country, but masks as a way of life are forever. They simply love them too much. As Paul says in the afore-mentioned clip, our overlords “will never let up.” Ever. It’s up to us to fight.

Finally, I’ll leave you with this breathtaking inspiring photo posted by Robert F. Kennedy and presumably taken at a private school in south Florida. It does my heart good, and I know it will yours, to see the smiling faces of kids together in 2021, as Kennedy writes, “being kids again with no one telling them to treat each other like dangerous biohazards.” 

Amen and awoman!

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