Declassified! The Russia informant transcript the FBI didn’t want Americans to see

In secretly recorded talks with informer Stefan Halper, Carter Page dispelled key Russia collusion allegations before FISA warrant was even approved.

by John Solomon – Jan 26, 2021 – for Just the News

My cmnt: I don’t know whether to laugh or cry. This is so disgusting. The Deep State and democrats KNEW Carter Page had nothing do with Russia collusion – which was totally and completely made up by FBI informant (i.e., stooge) and former MI6 operative Christopher Steele in his now infamous (lying, totally false and ridiculous, paid for by Hillary Clinton campaign) dossier.

My cmnt: The following is just an excerpt from this article by the great investigative reporter John Solomon. Click the Just the News link above for the full story. It will make you sick to your stomach at just how deceitfully wicked the democrat party has become and how corrupt our FBI was and still is.

Four days before the FBI secured a surveillance warrant against him in fall 2016, Trump campaign adviser Carter Page repeatedly knocked down the key allegations at the heart of the Russia collusion investigation while talking to a government informant who was wearing a wire.

Page’s unwitting statements of innocence to informer Stefan Halper were never shared with the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court before it approved four warrants authorizing a full year of surveillance of Page’s communications.

Page’s exculpatory statements were kept from the American people for four years until President Trump declassified them on his final day in office last week. They were obtained by Just the News.

“The core lie is that I met with these sanctioned Russian officials, several of which I never even met in my entire life, but they said that I met them in July,” an FBI transcript quotes Page as telling Halper during an Oct. 17, 2016 interaction at Halper’s farm in Northern Virginia.

At the time, Page was unaware Halper was informing for the FBI or recording him, and unwittingly believed his host was just a fellow academic interested in his research and campaign work.

The memos show Halper was repeatedly coached by the FBI on how to penetrate the Trump campaign foreign policy circle starting in August 2016 and how to quiz Page about several sensational allegations of collusion made by fellow FBI informant and former MI6 operative Christopher Steele in his now infamous dossier.

For instance, Halper prodded Page on whether he had played a role changing the Republican National Committee’s platform in summer 2016 to make it more favorable to Russia, as Steele’s dossier had alleged.

“I would have thought the platform committee would be a place where there would be an opportunity to clarify a relationship with the Russians or others, and you could have been very helpful,” Halper said at one point.

Page — referred to in the transcript by his FBI code name “CD” or “Crossfire Dragon” — responded by claiming he stayed away from the platform changes, leaving it to other members of the Trump campaign team to handle.

“Well again, totally off the record, but I — members of our team were working on that and you know again in retrospect it’s way better off that I, you know, remained at arms length,” Page explained.

Similarly, Page steadfastly denied he knew anything about the Trump campaign working with WikiLeaks to release Hillary Clinton’s hacked emails before the election, another key allegation in the now-debunked Russia collusion narrative.

“I guess what they’re trying to do is work out the link between the Russians and WikiLeaks, what do we know about that?” Halper asked.

“You know I’ve made clear in a lot of, you know, subsequent discussions interviews that I’ve been part of  … I know nothing about that on a personal level,” Page stated. “You know no one’s ever said one word to me.”

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