The Supremes blew it

President Trump’s lawyers collected hundreds and hundreds of affidavits (signed under oath and penalty of perjury) that swore to election fraud and irregularities that they personally witnessed firsthand. That is (for you liars in the MSM) proof, it is legal proof, and it deserves a hearing. They testified that early in the morning in four, corrupt, democrat-run cities the Republican ballot watchers were sent home, the voting stopped, and then 100,000s of uncertified and illegal ballots were fed into the Dominion machines and Trump’s insurmountable lead mysteriously vanishes and Biden “wins”. Corrupt democrat judges refused to hear the evidence. It had to go to the Supreme Court. The four chickens have cost us our election integrity, the truth and the Nation. May God have mercy on us all.

18 states, 106 House Republicans and the Pennsylvania House of Representatives all join in historic suit filed with the Supreme Court to allow a look by the court into the Wednesday morning election fraud that gave the “win” to Joe Biden.

2 thoughts on “The Supremes blew it

  1. This careless move has the potential to reverse Marbury v. Madison. The court is declaring itself incompetent and essentially ruling itself out of a job.


    1. You are so right. The court is tacitly allowing unconstitutional acts (i.e., elected or appointed officials to rewrite a state’s election laws without the legislature’s action) to stand and not for the first time this year. It has also allowed an unprecedented usurpation of power by mayors and governors to violate our constitutional right to freely assemble, worship and work. LB


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