Democrat Corruption Political Cartoons

Democrats have been cheating with dead voters, ballot fraud, rigged voting machines, intimidation at polling stations, lack of voter ID, ballot harvesting, mail-in ballots, noncitizen voters and more – for many decades now. It has been allowed to stand in democrat-run states, counties and cities because of their total corruption, crooked judges, bought-n-paid-for DAs, and a sycophantic press. But now Democrat run vote fraud, in Milwaukee, Atlanta, Detroit and Philadelphia (and we could add Phoenix and Las Vegas), in this past presidential election, has moved to a blatant, coordinated, full frontal, shameless attack on our Constitutional Republic, the voter, our freedoms and our liberties. If not acknowledged by the courts and the election restored to President Trump and this system of voter fraud permanently eliminated our nation will be lost forever and become a lawless, one party dictatorship run exclusively of, by and for the democrats.
Chauncey Gardiner (Chance The Gardner), in life imitating art, has amazingly and bizarrely become the president-elect of the United States. The democrats have actually, through the most blatant and obvious election fraud in U.S. history, placed a mentally challenged, delusional (the whole crazy Corn Pop story just for one), senile, decrepit old man into the White House with the full intent of replacing him (either through assassination or the 25th amendment) with Kamala (aka Commie) Harris who was so radical and disliked she had to dropout of the 2020 democrat primary! This could not be made up. No one would consider or believe such an outlandish plot to a Hollywood movie. Yet here we are.
Among Republican (i.e., informed) voters it is 97%.
Wow! This guy better not walk alone, in the dark, at night.
So said stolen-presidential-election Biden
Recounts don’t matter. Audits of ballots is what matters. Democrats use recounts to add phony votes to their losing totals.
This is true. The democrats were stomped on by the Republicans everywhere in the down ballots except the four corrupt democrat-run cities (Detroit, Philadelphia, Milwaukee, & Atlanta) where early morning-after felonies were committed and votes were dumped into the Dominion voter machines to illegally swing the election to Biden
This is the insane nut-job Dr. Rachel Levine, Pennsylvania’s transgender health secretary
The MSM reminds me of the T1000 Terminator
This is only a small part of the Leftist indoctrination of your children when you send them and your dollars to most of our colleges and universities
And the American (aka democrat) press simply ignores anti-Christian violence at home and abroad
Such a great cartoon! So clever and true.
democrats always give each other bogus awards
Why would democrats want to kill off the small businesses in their States? Because they don’t need them to stay in power, they are a threat to their power, and as communists they hate the middle class.
See cartoon below.
See cartoon above.
This lying democrat bastard never goes away. He lied about our troops in Vietnam, he lied about out troops in Iraq, and he lied about the Iran deal (he made under Obama) to allow Iran to develop nuclear weapons.
So perfect.
Such a great job of packing all of Biden’s handlers into one frame.

2 thoughts on “Democrat Corruption Political Cartoons

  1. Hey, I’m a diligent member of the MSM and I resemble your cartoon choices. We worked hard at our jobs to expose Trump’s collusion with Russia and Putin to steal the 2016 election and to defend the sacred honor and vote integrity of that righteous, honest, humble public servant —– office-of-the-president-elect, never-even-been-to-the-Ukraine, definitely-not-senile, defender-of-diving-boards and defeater-of-CornCob Joseph Robinette Biden Jr. $May he rest in peace$.


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