Look Closely: Trump Still Has A Shot At Winning Reelection

by Lewis K. Uhler and Peter J. Ferrara November 12, 2020 – for Issues and Insights

My cmnt: Do read this short article. It explains the important part that state legislatures play in national elections.

The Biden/Harris team and their complicit allies in the mainstream news industry are attempting one of the most audacious heists in American political history. In “calling”Joe Biden the winner Saturday, political prognosticators in the major cable news outlets reveal not only their continued bias but also their strong sense of dread of the ultimate outcome for their basement-dwelling candidate of choice.

The facts are, as of Monday, a full week after election day, Biden is behind President Donald Trump in the undisputed electoral count — Biden’s 226 to Trump’s 232 (assuming Trump wins North Carolina) — with a full 80 outstanding electoral votes in seven states still in a legal fog and unlikely to be determined much before the Dec. 14 state deadlines to report the count to Congress.

Only the candidate with at least 270 actual electoral votes reported to Congress on that date will be declared the winner. Nothing more and nothing less. And it certainly won’t be “declared” by CNN’s Anderson Cooper.

So what can we say at this point about the outstanding 80 electoral votes in those seven states? What are the states in play and what are the ultimate likely outcomes?

The seven states still counting votes, or with recounts ordered, or audits forecast, or credible evidence of fraud or system “glitches” include:

  • Georgia’s 16 electoral votes under a scheduled recount.
  • Pennsylvania’s 20 electoral votes under a scheduled audit and a Supreme Court order.
  • Michigan’s 16 electoral votes with statehouse subpoenas for election officials.
  • Wisconsin’s 10 votes under a scheduled recount and statewide canvas.
  • Nevada’s six votes chasing legal challenges for fraud and a Bill Barr Justice Department investigation.
  • Arizona’s 11 votes still counting and under scrutiny for voter irregularities.
  • And Nebraska’s one electoral vote in their District 2 under investigation.

That’s 80 outstanding Electoral College votes for which no one can at this point reliably predict a final resolution. How can anyone possibly know the results of any investigation, audit or recount before they have begun?

The only thing that is known for certain at this date is that Biden needs to capture 44 of the remaining 80, while Trump needs only 38. The combination of states to get to either of those totals are a bit varied, but there is one final determinate that heavily advantages Trump.

Of those seven outstanding states, all but Nevada’s six electoral votes are the responsibility of strong Republican statehouse majorities. Why, you might ask, is that important?

The Constitution of the United States provides in Article 2 that the final authority for every elector from each state is solely vested in that state’s legislature. Meaning any final disputes or resolutions of accusations of fraud will be determined by the majorities in those states. And since all but six of these outstanding 80 votes are controlled by Republicans, Trump has more than a good shot at being re-elected.

Former House Speaker Newt Gingrich cited on Fox on Nov. 9 the legal precedent that where election law has been violated, the court has invalidated the results of that entire vote. Even to the point of switching the result of the election from a corrupt Democrat to a Republican challenger.

So now you know why the left and their handmaidens in the media are so wild-eyed about projecting Biden now. Unfortunately for them, it doesn’t look promising.

This scenario comports with the rest of the national 2020 election results in which the rest of the predicted “Big Blue Wave” never crested. Democrats lost House seats in Congress, threatening Pelosi’s speakership, while the Senate remains in Republican control.

And former Attorney General Eric Holder’s four years to win control of state legislatures for redistricting purposes in 2021 fell flat. Republicans added a net of one governor (Montana) and down-ticket state elected officers.

The right outcome at the presidential level saves tax reform and puts America back on track to restore integrity to Washington, as we reduce regulations and drain the swamp.

Lew Uhler is founder and chairman of the National Tax Limitation Committee and National Tax Limitation Foundation (NTLF). He was a contemporary and collaborator of Ronald Reagan and Milton Friedman in California and across the country.

Peter Ferrara is a senior fellow of NTLF. He served as a member of the White House of Policy Development under President Reagan, as Associate Deputy Attorney General of the United States under President George H.W, Bush, and as a Dunn Liberty Fellow in Economics for Kings College in New York.

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