25 Questions Joe Biden Should Be Asked in the Debate

Democratic presidential candidate former Vice President Joe Biden speaks Wednesday, Sept. 16, 2020, in Wilmington, Del. Biden generated headlines in February with a debate-stage promise to name the first Black female Supreme Court justice if he wins the White House. Since then, the Democratic presidential nominee has said little about the court. He's resisted calls from President Donald Trump, Republicans and even some Democrats to release a list of potential nominees (AP Photo/Patrick Semansky)
Democratic presidential candidate former Vice President Joe Biden speaks Wednesday, Sept. 16, 2020, in Wilmington, Del. 

by REBECCA MANSOUR 28 Sep 2020 – for Breitbart news

My cmnt: These are not just debate questions but questions of general concern that Biden has never been asked and has never answered and most likely never will. Like with Obama and Hillary the MSM give liberal democrats a pass on all of their illegal and unethical actions and words. No democrat is ever really vetted by the America press. Be sure to read another set of questions from Cal Thomas below.

My cmnt2: I really don’t know what to make of either Hillary or Hiden-Biden. Somehow, and this is entirely bizarre, the democrats have put forward a nominee for two elections in a row who is quite literally physically decrepit and mentally unfit for the job. Both Hillary and Joe barely campaign for three months before the election. Both spend a majority of their time hidden from the public. Both are covered for by the press and media. Hillary could barely stand for an hour and apparently had seizures from bright lights and/or too many people crowding around her. Joe has time and again, repeatedly and more often than not, been unable to speak coherently (without the teleprompter – and sometimes with it!) nor complete a train of thought.

My cmnt3: Seriously folks this is Twilight Zone material. Both Hillary and Joe have immense and documented legal issues which are ignored by the press and covered for by the DOJ and FBI. Nixon and Watergate were nothing compared to what both of these two democrat criminals have engaged in.

My cmnt4: But when half of the country only gets its political information from the alphabet news networks (i.e., ABC, CBS, NBC, CNN, etc.) and other corrupt sources like Facebook it is no wonder that they honestly don’t know what sort of criminals they are voting for. When the fourth estate becomes fully corrupt and abrogates its constitutional duties to unbiasedly inform the public, as in communist countries, we are in trouble.

Tuesday’s presidential debate provides an opportunity for the American public to finally get answers from Joe Biden, who has largely been absent from the campaign trail.

Vice President Biden should be asked the following 25 questions. This list is by no means exhaustive.

Many of these questions were suggested by this author last month, but because they remain unanswered, I offer them again in the hope that Tuesday’s debate moderator, Chris Wallace, will question the Democratic nominee with the same enthusiasm he has shown for questioning President Trump.

1. A Senate investigative report issued this month found that your son, Hunter Biden, and his family and business partners “received millions of dollars from foreign nationals with questionable backgrounds.” Among the sums they received while you were vice president include over $4 million from the corruption-plagued Ukrainian energy company Burisma to your son and his business associate, a $3.5 million wire transfer to your son from the wife of the former mayor of Moscow, and “millions of dollars in cash flow” from your son’s business associations with “Chinese nationals linked to the Communist government and the People’s Liberation Army.” In light of all of this, we must ask: Why did members of your family get so many lucrative business opportunities overseas while you were vice president?

2. The report also contradicts your earlier statements that you were never told about your son’s business dealings in Ukraine. According to the report, “In October 2015, senior State Department official Amos Hochstein raised concerns with Vice President Joe Biden, as well as with Hunter Biden, that Hunter Biden’s position on Burisma’s board enabled Russian disinformation efforts and risked undermining U.S. policy in Ukraine.” Is Mr. Hochstein lying about this or are you?

3. Why did your son Hunter accompany you on your official trip to Beijing in December 2013? What did he do on that trip? Who did he meet with? What should the American public make of the fact that just 10 days after this trip, your son’s boutique private equity firm secured a $1 billion investment deal from the state-owned bank of China (later expanded to $1.5 billion) despite having no prior experience in China; and with this deal, the Chinese government granted your son’s firm a first-of-its-kind arrangement to operate in the recently formed Shanghai Free-Trade Zone—a perk not granted to any of the large established financial institutions?

4. Should the American public be concerned that your son’s private equity firm partnered with a Chinese government-owned aerospace and defense conglomerate to facilitate the purchase of an American company (based in Michigan) that produced strategically sensitive dual-use military technology that the Chinese government wanted?

5. Does your “Build Back Better” proposal contain any provisions to ensure that American taxpayer-funded technology is not bought off by Chinese state-backed enterprises working with private equity firms like your son’s?

6. How did your brother, Frank, secure $45 million in taxpayer loans from the Obama administration for his Caribbean projects?

7. How did a newly-minted firm employing your other brother, James, receive a $1.5 billion contract to build homes in Iraq despite having no experience in construction or international development?

8. Back in 2000, you voted in favor of giving permanent Normal Trade Relations (NTR) to China. At the time, you said that this would not lead to “the collapse of the American manufacturing economy” because China is “about the size of the Netherlands” and could not possibly become “our major economic competitor.” Furthermore, you predicted that free trade with China would establish “a path toward ever greater political and economic freedom” for the people of China. Do you still stand by these statements today after 3.4 million American jobs have been lost to China and millions of China’s citizens have been imprisonedsurveilleddisappeared, and used as slave labor by an increasingly authoritarian regime enriched by 20 years of record trade imbalances acquired through flagrant trade violations?

9. The People’s Republic of China has a bold plan called “Made in China 2025” to dominate the key technologies of the future in order to overtake the United States militarily and economically. Do you still contend that China is “not competition for us”?

10. Why did you promote the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) to financial special interest groups when research was clear that the deal would make it easier for corporations to move U.S. jobs overseas?

11. Do you believe Xi Jinping kept his promise to Barack Obama to end cyber-espionage against the United States? If not, what are you prepared to do about it?

12. Do you accept that the coronavirus originated in China? Do you think China was honest with the world in its handling of the coronavirus? Are you satisfied with China’s explanations for how it spread? Do you believe their claims about the number of cases and fatalities in China?

13. Do you think China should be held responsible in any way for its handling of the coronavirus? If not, why not? What, if any, repercussions should there be for China in its handling of the coronavirus?

14. You have vowed to rescind the Trump tax cuts. Can you think of a single example of a country that recovered from a recession by raising taxes?

15. President Trump’s Supreme Court nominee, Judge Amy Coney Barrett, has been attacked by members of your party because of her Catholic faith. Do you denounce these attacks on Judge Barrett’s Catholicism?

16. Your running mate, Sen. Kamala Harris (D-CA), attacked a judicial nominee on the basis of his membership in the Catholic fraternal organization the Knights of Columbus, which is the largest fraternal organization in the world and includes among its past and present members many prominent Americans like President John F. Kennedy, Supreme Court Justice Samuel Alito, Sen. Joe Manchin (D-WV), Gov. John Bel Edwards (D-LA), and Vince Lombardi. Do you or Sen. Harris believe that being a member of the Knights of Columbus disqualifies a person from holding public office? Would you refuse to hire someone on the basis of their membership in the Knights of Columbus or any other Catholic organization? In Sen. Harris’ questioning of this Catholic judicial nominee, she singled out the issue of the Catholic teaching on the sanctity of life. Would you or Sen. Harris disqualify a job applicant on the basis of their Catholic beliefs about abortion? Do you or Sen. Harris believe that being pro-life disqualifies someone from employment?

17. Your campaign has adopted a version of the Green New Deal that calls for 100 percent renewable electricity generation by 2035. California has adopted similar “green” goals, but now it can’t keep the lights on due to the state’s reliance on wind and solar energy. California’s Democratic Gov. Gavin Newson admitted that the Golden State needs a “backup” plan for energy because the current blackouts caused by lack of wind and overcast skies have shown the danger of relying solely on “green” energy. Why would the nation fare any better than sunny breezy California in keeping the lights on if we adopt 100 percent renewable energy?

18. You supported the George Floyd protests, which you claimed were peaceful. Have you spoken to any victims of the riots — people who lost loved ones or businesses?

19. Do you believe that the looting of the Magnificent Mile in Chicago was a “form of reparations,” as one Chicago Black Lives Matter organizer claimed? Is looting an appropriate form of protest as a means of reparations?

20. Seattle Black Lives Matter protesters stormed a neighborhood, demanding that residents “get the f*** out” and “give black people back their homes” as reparations. Do you support that style of protest? If not, have you condemned it?

21. You said in your DNC acceptance speech that America is ready to “do the hard work of rooting out our systemic racism.” What did you do in your 36 years as a U.S. senator and 8 years as vice president to root out systemic racism? Why didn’t it work?

22. What is the maximum number of illegal immigrants you would allow into the country before securing the border to stop more from entering?

23. The Obama administration deported an estimated 3 million illegal aliens. Was that a bad thing?

24. With 30 million Americans unemployed due to the coronavirus, would you support a halt on work visas for foreign workers competing with Americans for jobs? If not, explain to us why CEOs will not use this huge increase in the supply of labor to freeze and reduce salaries for American workers?

25. Do you or do you not support a ban on fracking? If you do, what do you say to the estimated 7.5 million American jobs that will be lost due to such a ban, which includes an estimated 550,000 jobs lost in Pennsylvania, 500,000 jobs lost in Ohio, 363,000 jobs lost in North Carolina, 353,000 jobs lost in Colorado, and 233,000 jobs lost in Michigan?

Rebecca Mansour is a Senior Editor-at-Large for Breitbart News. Follow her on Twitter at @RAMansour.

My list of debate questions for Joe Biden

Revisiting taxes, abortion, Hunter Biden — and the teleprompter

By Cal Thomas – – Monday, September 28, 2020 – for The Washington Times


Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden has made himself largely unavailable to questions from reporters since before his nomination. In contrast, President Trump has made himself available numerous times per day to reporters and their often hostile and confrontational questions.

This is why the moderator of the first debate, Chris Wallace of Fox News, should ask Mr. Biden the most questions. Not that Mr. Wallace needs any help from me, but here are some things I would ask.

Mr. Biden, why would you raise taxes when the president’s tax cuts stimulated the economy and created millions of new jobs before the pandemic?

Follow-up: The federal government is approaching $27 trillion in debt. Your spending plans have been estimated to add $11 trillion to the debt. Even if your tax increases passed by Congress, it would not be nearly enough to cover what you plan to spend. Where is the money coming from and if from a foreign power, like China, doesn’t that put us in hock to a hostile state?

Are there any government programs or agencies you would eliminate?

You have stated your Catholic faith has deeply influenced you, but your church’s teachings, and the statements by several popes, have opposed abortion, same-sex marriage and other social issues, which you reportedly favor. How can one be a faithful Catholic and disregard such fundamental principles of one’s church? And isn’t the right to life the most basic right of all?

Speaking of principles, you have changed positions on a number of bedrock beliefs, including federal funding of abortion. Do you have any principles that to you are inviolate and if so, what are they? How do we know you won’t flip on those if it proves politically expedient?

You have said that you would shut down the country if scientists say it would help kill off the virus, but as we’ve seen, even a partial shutdown has harmed the economy, which was growing dramatically before March. Isn’t there a better way to fight the virus, as now appears to be happening, rather than the disastrous effect a complete shutdown would have on businesses and employment?

If elected, would you commit to regular testing to assure the public you do not have any mental acuity problems?

Your running mate, Kamala Harris, is regarded as the most liberal member of the Senate. How can voters be sure that she and her fellow liberals won’t be the driving force behind policies should you win the election?

It appears from press reports that you were aware at some level about your son, Hunter, and his dealings with Burisma in Ukraine and with China while you were vice president. Explain how he could make so much money in so short a time if he was not peddling his name and influence for personal gain. Your campaign has said a Senate report on this is part of “right-wing” and “long-debunked” stories. But did he or did he not make millions of dollars from these ventures? Yes, or no?

The Green New Deal is estimated to eliminate many jobs. You have said these jobs would be replaced by eco-friendly jobs. Isn’t that a case of limiting people’s freedoms, especially when the main polluters on the planet are China and India?

You have declined to publish a list of “Black women” you would name to the Supreme Court. Is it because they would be very liberal and isn’t this a case of racism, since you have excluded every other ethnic group? If African-Americans are to be preferred for the court, why do you not approve of Justice Clarence Thomas?

Why do you use a teleprompter to answer the few questions asked of you?

Just thought I would ask, Mr. Biden. I’m not expecting an answer, even if you remember the questions.

• Cal Thomas, a nationally syndicated columnist, is the author of “America’s Expiration Date: The Fall of Empires, Superpowers and the United States” (HarperCollins/Zondervan, January 2020).

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  1. Keep on writing. Those who are thinking will read, and some of those will start to do their own research. Those who don’t want to think, won’t. But a few will wake up. All that matters.


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