Raw Terror – Islam, a death cult

By Willis Eschenbach / December 27, 2019 – his website Skating under the Ice

My cmnt: This is another excellent resource on Islam as it was, is and remains. Click the website above and read the original article in its entirety. I’ve excerpted a few lines below to entice you to click over and read his entire piece. It is well worth your time. It is a great resource on why Islam is evil and violent at its core – the answer is in the Koran and Muhammad himself. 1400 yrs of terror and violence and suppression.

Folks sometimes accuse me of being “Islamophobic”. I’m nothing of the sort. A “phobia” is a baseless fear of something harmless. I don’t have that.

What I have is a historically justified, fact-based fear of Islam. It’s not just Christianity in funny hats. It is a warriors religion and the stated goal is to establish a “Caliphate”, an Islamic government covering the whole planet. And they have been pursuing that goal, first with swords, then with guns, now with modern weapons, and always with raw terror, for the last 14 centuries.

“Religion of Peace”? … don’t think so. Bunch of bloodthirsty savages, three-quarters of a billion of them want to kill adulterers, and half a billion want to kill anyone leaving the religion. And when the numbers and the percentages are that big, they’re not “extremists”—they’re a vibrant part of the Islamic mainstream.

It is not a religion as we think of religions. The Koran is a warriors text, an instruction book for the mistreatment of women both in and out of the house, and a terrorist manual directing the followers in the rules and details of just how to spread Islam around the planet by violence.

So no … Islam is not just another religion. Islam is a violent warrior’s creed, founded by Muhammad, a man who led his raiders into an adjacent village, defeated the villagers in battle, killed every surviving male with pubic hair, and took the women as sex slaves. And of course, the Koran specifies that all of that is just fine, and it says that killing infidels and keeping sex slaves is just what every upstanding man should do. And this is why Boko Haram and ISIS kidnap and keep women for sex slaves in 2019. For details of that shameful central chapter in Islamic history, see here.

It’s funny. I’ve looked through lots of religious books, and I can’t find any mention of Jesus or the Buddha doing anything remotely like what Muhammad did … much less saying that their followers should do that until they’ve conquered the entire world. But the Koran says exactly that.

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