CDC: Covid Survival Rates

As reported on the Ingraham Angle – Fox News – Sept 24, 2020

The survival rates in America for those under 70 years of age are high in the extreme. What this means is that if you are healthy and under 70 you have almost no chance of dying from Covid-19. Our remedial treatments (even with our evil democrats outlawing the preemptive use of HCQ) are so good that should you suffer the unlikely event of actually getting SICK from Covid-19 you are very likely to survive. The vast majority of people who contract Covid-19, unknowingly or test positive for it, are either asymptomatic or have only mild symptoms.

0-19 years old 99.999%

20-49 years old 99.98%

50-69 years old 99.50%

70+ years old 94.60%

Here’s another table of interest from the CDC:

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