Kelly Monaco’s Health Issues Prevented Her From Returning to ‘General Hospital’

BY JOSEPH ALLEN – August 11, 2020 UPDATED 6 DAYS AGO for

My cmnt: Of course I don’t care about GH or Kelly but my wife has been watching GH since her twenties. She was complaining about the replacement for Kelly and wondering where she was. So I looked it up. And Lo and Behold – she got sick from having to wear the stupid mask – NOT from Covid-19 – but from the idiot mask! And even tho’ she tested negative for the virus the Lib dopes still MADE her quarantine for 14 days.

Now that General Hospital has returned from its pandemic-related hiatus, the show has had to make some changes because of the coronavirus. One of the biggest was with the character of Sam McCall, who fans may have noticed looks quite different than she did before the hiatus. That’s because Lindsay Hartley, the ex-wife of This Is Us star Justin Hartley, has taken the role over from Kelly Monaco, who has been playing Sam since 2003. 

Where is Kelly Monaco now?

Kelly tried to return to the General Hospital set with the rest of the show’s cast but ran into health problems almost immediately. According to her mother, Kelly experienced breathing problems related to wearing a mask when she returned to the set. As a result, she was quickly recast and then took several COVID-19 tests, which all came back negative. 

Kelly’s mother said that her daughter is “safe and healthy,” but explained that she had been subjected to a 14-day quarantine following the mask problems. That suggests that Lindsay’s performance as Sam may not last too much longer, as Kelly will be able to return to the show once her quarantine is over. Until then, fans of the series will just have to wait it out. 

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