The American Dream vs The Liberal Nightmare

This is a nice little chart from the Heritage Foundation summarizing the opposing ideals of the two major political parties in America. I’ve added five more categories to make it even more informative.

Once a people lose faith in God they will turn elsewhere for security and hope. The elsewhere in the 20th+ century has been communism or its close cousin socialism. Both ALWAYS and without exception lead to poverty, oppression and want.

Capitalism, while not a perfect system (there is NO perfect system), has brought the MOST prosperity to the most people everywhere it is tried.

The essence of capitalism is NOT greed, that is actually the essence of socialism, but rather the opportunity to perform honest labor to serve your fellowman. The more you provide goods and services other people actually want and are willing to pay for the more you will be rewarded. For example most people will not pay to have someone else do what they can easily do for themselves. Conversely most people will pay handsomely to have someone do for them something they really need or desire and they cannot do for themselves. So mowing lawns and housekeeping pays little while performing life-saving surgery pays a lot. Or singing in the choir at church pays little (or nothing) while singing before millions of paying fans pays a lot. Or no one wants to see my home movies but everyone wants to see the next Star Wars

The proper role of government under our Constitution is to provide for a level playing field and to prevent dishonesty, theft, deception and monopolies. Crony capitalism is what the elites like. This is essentially the old, eternal patronage system where it is not what you know but who you know that advances you in life.

In order to work capitalism requires the protection of private property, the rule of law, an honest judicial system and (this is most important) the Protestant Christian work ethic and moral system.

Anyone who says they are a socialist but makes a lot of money under capitalism is a hypocritical liar. Examples are Communist China and Hollywood. The entertainment industry elites went all ape-shit when THEIR property was being successfully pirated in the 1990s. They demanded and got new laws and the enforcement of existing laws to protect their property. They also live in gated communities and are protected by armed guards. But when there is a law they do not like (i.e., border enforcement) they ignore it and actively disregard it. They deny to the common man that which they themselves have. Guns and Roses for the elite, violence and poverty for the masses.

Let’s add to the table above:

Republican Political Party Democratic
In God we Trust Primary Hope Big Government
Theistic Realism Worldview Evolutionary Naturalism
In The Beginning God Presupposition Eternal matter/energy
The search for rational answers View of Science The search for materialistic answers

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