Imagine a virus so deadly you have to be tested to find out if you have it

The headline (above) I’m using for this blog was posted as a comment on by FtheEstablishment on July 11, 2020, for the article Pinkerton: If the Viruses Keep Coming, Here’s How We Should Respond. I liked it so much I’m writing a blog to go with the sentiment.

The following comment on the same article was: So much ignorance… Finding sick people before they pass it on is the point of testing…

Then another comment noted the recovery rate of those infected with C-19 is over 99%, then someone wrote that is not the recovery rate, then the death rate was given, then the death toll, and so on and so forth.

My point here will be that when you look at WorldoMeters which tracks everything Covid it does show America as having way more deaths than any other country. Does that even seem credible? Obviously not. When a very large third world country like Brazil reports only half the deaths we report then you know something’s up.

What I suspect, and you can read any number of other columns I’ve posted on this site, that the U.S. and the corrupt CDC led by corrupt democrats and advanced by a corrupt MSM is purposefully inflating these numbers for political reasons, most specifically to harm President Trump and stop his reelection in November.

The point of testing is not to stop the spread of C-19 it is rather to scare people. What we are seeing with the increased testing is (naturally) the revealing of people who have the virus but are immune and are not sick from the virus. Hospitalization DUE to C-19 are not dramatically going up, nor is the death rate nor the number of deaths.

President Trump, kind of stupidly, trumpets (no pun intended) the fact that we are testing far, far more people than any other country. This has the positive affect of lowering the death rate but the negative affect of being used by the Left to scare people who think (incorrectly) that testing positive for the virus is the same as being sick, hospitalized and heading towards death.

Hence my title. We are not testing sick people going to the doctor to find out what is wrong with them and see if they have C-19, we are (for free) testing people with NO symptoms who are shocked to find out they have the virus. This is nonsense. It is a waste of time and money. It is being done for political and not medical reasons. Herd immunity is essential and the faster it is achieved the better. Locking and isolating people does not stop the spread of the virus it only delays the inevitable spread. This is completely counter productive and wrong.

As I’ve noted before (and many others have also) C-19 is not particularly deadly, has a very cheap and available remedial med (hydroxychloroquine), and does almost no harm to children. Our actual deaths from C-19 are primarily among the very elderly (over 80) and they were already on death’s door and those with bad diets, bad habits, low vitamin D levels and lack exercise and sunshine exposure (the inner city poor staying indoors) and those with comorbidity issues. Even the homeless, living on the streets have very low infection levels. The healthy who are under 80 have very little to be concerned about whether they test positive for this or not.

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