Sexually Transmitted Disease Surveillance 2018

When the estimable Dr. Fauci was asked about having sex with total strangers during our so-called pandemic of coronavirus he smirked and said that it was up to the individual to decide how much ‘risk’ he or she was willing to take.

What a douche-bag. STDs are a plague upon America and the most the CDC can manage to say is that you might have ‘long-term pelvic pain’. What a joke. How about death. How about getting severely ill and going blind or becoming sterile. How about some panic porn about the behaviors that lead to crippling STDs and AIDS?

NO, the Left’s religion of materialism and the deification of nature is engaged in worship through the performance of promiscuous sexual acts (as previously seen in the temple prostitutes of Canaan, Greece and Rome) and now proselytized in our mass entertainment industry and fully consummated when a resulting pregnancy ends in the sacrament of abortion – must be protected at all costs.

Notice how Covid-19 is portrayed as being so deadly that if you even simply test positive for having the infection (and most of the time didn’t even know it- that is you are asymptomatic – and will NOT get sick) the hype is that you are going to get sick and die (which in the VAST majority of cases is completely untrue, especially for those under 65 and healthy). Whereas STDs are a true and ongoing epidemic in our nation and cause real, serious medical conditions including death but are virtually ignored by our mass media.

If only Covid 19 were additionally acknowledged to be also spread thru promiscuous sexual contact (which it surely MUST be) THEN we would hear no more about the ‘deadly’ coronavirus! We wouldn’t have to wear masks, no more social distancing, the schools and colleges could open, we could worship normally and without government interference. Weddings, funerals, football and baseball games could be attended en masse, and we could breathe again.

If only STDs could somehow be blamed upon President Trump. Why Hollywood, the MSM, college professors, TV shows, public schools – every institution controlled by the Left would be screaming at the top of their lungs – No more sex outside of marriage – period! You are endangering public health, you are selfish, you are evil. We will shut you down, fine you, lock you up, destroy your lives. All in the sacred name of safety!

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