Birkenstock Bolsheviks, Limousine Liberals & the Democrat party

Laura Ingraham coined the epigram Birkenstock Bolsheviks to describe the rich, white, spoiled, trust fund babies who are illegally pulling down statues and making all the noise and most of the violence today. Riddled with white guilt and white privilege they have found a home in the democrat party along with the Squad, who though they are women of color, live and act exactly like the privileged white girls attending elite colleges and universites who now occupy Seattle’s CHOP.


Interestingly CHAZ/CHOP is still being run by men. ALL communists countries, without exception, are also run by men. Leftists, whether in politics or Hollywood or anywhere else (except the artificial environs of academia) where real money is made and real power is wielded are always led by men. All dictatorships throughout the world are always and only run by men. The women, like Black people themselves, are only used as tools for Leftist men to obtain and maintain power. Anywhere violence and force is used to govern and control a people, it will be men running the show.

Police Departments East Precinct in the police-free zone known as the Capitol Hill Organized Protest (CHOP) on June 15
Seattle Police Assistant Chief Deanna Nollette and Assistant Chief Adrian Diaz are blocked by protesters from entering the newly created Capitol Hill Autonomous Zone (CHAZ) in Seattle on June 11, 2020.
People walk past street art that reads “Welcome to CHAZ,” June 11, 2020, inside what is being called the “Capitol Hill Autonomous Zone” in Seattle. Following days of violent confrontations with protesters, police in Seattle have largely withdrawn from the neighborhood,
People listen as a band plays a free show in front of the Seattle Police Departments East Precinct in the so-called “Capitol Hill Autonomous Zone” on June 10, 2020 in Seattle.

Amazing (not really of course) that the Libs (i.e., Covid-19 dictators; i.e., democrats) aren’t out demagoguing about CHOP ‘residents’ partying in close proximity but the rest of us can’t go to church or a wedding or a funeral. Typical actually of all dictators is the arbitrary nature of their decrees, they don’t have to make any sense, it’s always: Do as I say because of (take your pick): the party, the cause, global warming, the collective, justice, safety, science, etc.). Same applies to all of the massive protests which are fine because they support liberal policies of spreading communism/socialism/control.

Seattle’s mayor Jenny Durkan has finally had enough of their nonsense and after a murder and several shootings and other serious crimes of vandalism, rape, assault and robbery is disbanding CHAS/CHOP and moving the freeloaders out. It would appear that when they started protesting in front of HER house she had had enough.

According to USA TODAY, Durkan put her foot down Monday, declaring, “The continued disorder, the violence, and the impacts on residents and businesses are not just at odds with a message of justice and equity, they cannot continue to occur. We are working with the community to bring this to an end. Capitol Hill belongs to everyone in the city.”

Rich white boys and girls can act tough when the liberal media is covering for them and mom and dad are sending them food and money but when the authorities finally stand up to them they fold like a cheap house of cards. “We’re not leaving until all of our demands are met”, they stated emphatically just a few days ago.

Andre Taylor, head of a group pushing for police accountability, urged activists not to confuse their cause with a place. 

Taylor said he asked leaders of the group, “Are you willing to die? And not only are you willing to die, are you willing to take the responsibility of someone who dies on your watch?”

The only rich, white men who were willing to and did die for their cause were the Founding Fathers of our country. The first and only time in history that the rich were willing to give their lives, their fortunes and their sacred honor for the good of an entire nation.

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