White Privilege?

White supremacy and white privilege are used by the Left to produce white guilt which results in white, elite liberals doing and saying things that are detrimental to all people.

Black Lives Matter is an example of using white guilt to achieve Marxist goals. Condemning all police as racist is an example of using limited, unusual events in a dishonest manner to achieve political ends.

No people group have any history of accepting and trusting other people groups simply because all of us are people. All people groups which share a common language, culture, religion, morphology, color or race place less trust in other people groups than in their own. Even men trust other men more than they do women and visa versa.

When seeking to overthrow a given society, country or culture and replace it with Marxism the first order of business is to condemn the existing status as deficient in some way and the replacement of this state with a Marxist one is always presented as the panacea and cure for all human woes.

Various people groups which are distinct in appearance, language, culture, etc. come to America and thrive without the need to label native, European, white Americans as racist and privileged.

Several such groups are European Jews, Chinese, East Indians and Southeast Asians. Their native cultures cause them to thrive and prosper and in fact surpass native, white Americans in status, jobs, education, income and longevity.

This result is not because of special treatment or laws or policies designed to make up for any perceived racism or privilege but is strictly a result of cultural ethics and norms that cause those children raised with them to thrive and prosper under American opportunity and freedom.

Prospering in America or generational failure to prosper is more a function of culture and family and life values than any other factor. Past injustices, prejudices, laws, etc., cannot continue to be used as an excuse for current failures to thrive. Those cultures and therefore families that practice known habits of success, succeed. Those cultures and therefore families that do not, fail.

Life is hard then you die. We all battle continually against entropy. Entropy is only overcome thru work and that is usually hard, tedious work. Thru all of human history every group of people bound by race, language, culture, geography, religion, state or country have sought to remove themselves as much as possible from the normal drudgeries and labors of life. This has most commonly in the past been achieved by warring against and conquering neighboring people groups. This has universally resulted in the capturing and exploiting of the losing peoples as slaves.

This did not significantly change until Christianity arrived and the Church condemned the taking and making of slaves. With the Reformation came a recapturing of what came to be known as the Protestant Work Ethic. Most of America embraced this ethic. Hard work is its own reward, both in this life and in the life to come.

Slavery in the South was an aberration of this ethic. Only a small minority of Americans owned slaves even in the South. Because of this wicked and foolish practice much of the South existed as nearly a Third World country, especially where slavery was an established institution, compared to the non-slave states in the North. Violence became a way of life in slaves states. So even tho’ violent men make effective warriors they eventually succumbed to the superior technology of the North and lost the war to free the slaves.

Science and technology specifically developed in its modern form in the Christianized West because of the Christian worldview, this work ethic and the strong desire to relieve drudgery from the common man and woman.

More to come……

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