Chris Cuomo Knew He Had COVID-19, Still Risked Infecting Others by Violating Quarantine

By JOHN NOLTE 22 Apr 2020 for Breitbart News


My cmnt: This was published in April when everyone was still under the impression that having the coronavirus was a terrible thing. Even tho’ some of us did NOT believe that, idiots or propagandists at CNN, like Fredo here, did believe it or pretend to believe it and panicked everyone with their daily ‘reporting’ about it.

I point this out not just because of the hypocrisy of the Left but because they are so blatant in their hypocrisy. Even when they are caught redhanded they deny, deny, deny.

I want to say this again: It is not possible to truly quarantine a nation. You can lock down a house or even a city (if small enough) but you cannot lockdown a nation the size of the U.S.

A nation (and every city) still needs food, electricity, heat, power, trucks, hospitals, dental offices, chiropractic offices, grocery stores (where 100s of thousands go every day), pharmacies, and the entire fricking government (at all levels) that never shut down. This coronovirus is now being acknowledged to have spread 50 to 80 times more than they were letting on. Duh!

It’s like saying I only drank half the poison vial so I’m ok. You cannot stop a contagion like the flu from spreading thru-out the population. 

And the medical experts (and everybody else) knows this. And so the lockdown was not supposed to stop the spread – this is very important to remember – it was only to slow the spread with the stated purpose of keeping our hospitals from being overwhelmed. 

Now that the medical system is just fine (and in fact bleeding money from lack of use) the powers (democrats) that be do not want this shutdown to end until after the Nov 3rd election in hopes of beating President Trump w/ Fredo O’Biden. They quite literally do not care if they ruin the entire nation, like Venezuela, because they WANT Venezuela to happen here!

And people, especially young women, are being led to believe that if you get it – we’re all gonna die!  That is a blatant lie.  98% get over it, mostly nursing home patients are the ones dying, and 60% never even know they have it, and 80% show only mild symptoms. This exactly patterns the yearly flu, colds and gastroenteritis. Speaking of the stomach flu which I had 3 yrs ago for a week – it was the worst I have ever felt in my life. I thought I was going to die (or at least wanted to) . 

In all of America, I know of only one person — one —  who knew he was infected with the coronavirus, who knew he was contagious, and who still risked infecting others by violating his quarantine… And that person is CNN’s Chris Cuomo.

If you go to CNNLOL right now, or any other establishment media outlet, you are more likely than not to witness elite and gainfully-employed “journalists” raging against everyday Americans who are out protesting their state’s draconian lockdown orders. And I use the word “draconian” deliberately. Regardless of the media spin, I’m not seeing anyone protesting social distancing or even the idea of a lockdown. What they are protesting is what they reasonably see as overreach and favoritism, is a punitive one-size-fits-all alarmism that treats rural counties in no danger of crashing their health care systems like those urban areas that are.

These arbitrary and punitive rules (e.g., you can buy marijuana in Michigan but not garden seeds) make no sense to these protesters, and when they try to get an answer, all they get is the high-hat from their Democrat political leaders. So they are doing what all good Americans do… Protesting their government, demanding their human rights, and from what I can see, they’re trying to do this as safely as possible. And as long as they do it safely, good on them.

But of course, the very same fake news media that demand we sympathize with rioters, looters, and left-wing terrorists like Antifa, are treating these peaceful protesters, and even those who dare take a walk on the beach, as serial killers. But here’s the truth and the bitter irony…

I know of not one protester, I know of not one American who has knowingly been out and about risking infecting others with the coronavirus… I mean, other than Chris Cuomo — who just happens to be one of the elite media’s very own.

What kind of sociopath who knows he’s infected still violates quarantine?

What kind of fake news network knows Chris Cuomo violated his quarantine but still shamelessly spreads the propaganda he never did — going so far as to stage a fake news event based on the shameless lie he has been no place other than his basement due to his lonely and heroic selflessness?

And what kind of sociopathic media as a whole play along, pretend this is okay, or dismiss it in the way NBC News media “reporter” Dylan Byers just did:

Oh, and you can bet the farm Byers would respond the same way if Sean Hannity violated his quarantine… Oh, yeah, no doubt… Byers used to work at CNNLOL. You think he’s not looking to burn that bridge in the event Brian Stelter can’t stop crying?

What if Chris Cuomo was a coronavirus super spreader?

Isn’t that a fair question…?

I think it is, but no one’s asking it. No one in the elite media is doing anything other than super-spreading the bald-faced lie Fredo first left his basement on Monday. I mean, look at this shit.

And how do we know for a fact Fredo left his basement and violated his quarantine while knowing he was contagious with the Chinese virus?

Because Fredo told us he did. It’s all laid out right here. On the day after Easter, during a bizarre meltdown on his SiriusXM radio show, Fredo confirmed an Easter Day confrontation with a guy on a bike.

The guy on the bike told the New York Post things got so ugly with the mentally unbalanced Fredo, he filed a police report. So there’s a police report memorializing Fredo being out and about while he knew he was infectious with a deadly disease that has already killed some 45,000 Americans.

And this confrontation most assuredly did not occur in Cuomo’s basement, the place where Cuomo assured us he would never leave for fear of infecting his wife, children, or anyone else.

Oh, and did I mention Chris Cuomo’s wife eventually tested positive for the coronavirus?

Yeah, she did.

Sadly, Cuomo’s 14-year-old son just tested positive, which is heartbreaking news. That kid’s in for a very rough time.

So not only was potential super-spreader Cuomo not in his basement on Easter Day, not only was he outside  his home while he knew he was contagious… Potential super-spreader Chris Cuomo wasn’t even at home.

Nope, on Easter Day, the infectious Cuomo took a 30 minute drive — with his wife, kids, and another woman — from his Southampton home to property he’s developing in East Hampton.

Does anyone know of any other infected American who was out gallivanting while he knew he was contagious with the coronavirus?

Does anyone know of any other infected New Yorker who was out gallivanting in New York, in a state that just so happens to be the most tragic hot spot in all the world?

I know of no one who has done or would do such a thing… Other than Chris Cuomo, other than New York Governor Andrew Cuomo’s little brother.

This is monstrous behavior on Chris Cuomo’s part, and the fact the rest of the establishment media are allowing him to not only get away with it (as they demonize everyday protesters), but allowing CNN to stage fake news events around it, tells you just how corrupt and lost the media truly are.

And here’s the other thing…

This is the only quarantine violation of Cuomo’s that we know of. This was the time the potential super-spreader was caught.

How many other times did Cuomo run around somewhere while knowing he was infected? Where did he go? Who did he come in contact with?

Even if Fredo finally does shows a little integrity and shame by admitting to this one, who can  believe him?

Who can believe someone who’s already brazenly lied to us?

Who can believe a man capable of running around with his family in a hot zone knowing he’s infected with a deadly disease.

Who can believe a selfish monster with no regard for anything other than himself?

And who can ever believe a media that enable and cover up this kind of monstrous behavior?

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