Flattening the Curve or Flattening the Economy

Is this endless shutdown of America about flattening the curve or flattening the economy?

Even as the Red (Republican) states are opening up the Blue (democrat) states are continuing to stay shut down. Why is this and how did this get started in the first place?

Originally we were told that the shutdown – which meant closing the public & private schools, cancelling all sporting events, shuttering small businesses, padlocking our churches, limiting all hospital admissions to corona related maladies, sheltering in place, self quarantining, public distancing, allowing only ten people to meet in any public or private gathering, wearing masks in public, and allowing only essential workers and business to continue operating – was simply to flatten the curve, temporarily and with one specific goal.

Flattening the curve meant only slowing the inevitable spread of the virus for one reason and one reason alone: So that the hospitals would not be overrun with coronavirus victims.

This flattening did NOT include stopping the spread of the virus, nor stopping people from dying from the virus, nor waiting until no one could possibly die from the virus, nor waiting for remedial medical solutions, nor waiting for a vaccine, nor waiting for Hell to freeze over! No, none of these things were demanded by the ‘brights’ and ‘experts’ so that we would agree to this unprecedented and unwarranted and unnecessary and unconstitutional squashing of our liberties and rights.  

The curve was flattened, the hospitals were not overrun, millions are not dying from the virus, everything is trending in the right direction, so why are we still in lockdown?

Now we have the infamous mission creep (i.e., a gradual shift in objectives during the course of a military campaign, often resulting in an unplanned long-term commitment – Oxford) that so often happens when bureaucrats run things.

Now we cannot reopen our economy until there are no deaths, no infections, no positive testing results, no effects whatsoever – real or imagined or implicated – from this novel coronavirus. All effects must be mitigated to zero or we are all still at risk (of voting Republican and four more years of President Trump) of dying a horrible death. 

The idiot governor of New York, Andrew Cuomo, brother of that lying hypocrite CNN talking head Fredo Cuomo and son of Mario the Pius, has assumed dictatorial powers over the state of New York and its people and declared that if he (what an egomaniac) can prevent just one death then he will keep nearly 20 million people in lockdown. 

It matters not how many people will die because of his lockdown, nor how many people who delayed important medical procedures or check-ups or diagnostic procedures were made worse or became life-threatening or died, nor how many people will lose their life savings, nor how many people go insane, nor how many people will lose the businesses they have worked a lifetime to build and run, nor how many people are made dependent upon the government (the real goal), nor how many children lose out on their education, nor any of a hundred other horrible unintended (or intended) consequences permanently damaging the citizenry – no, the only thing that matters is that HE saved one life. 

You will notice that it is people (mostly democrats) whose livelihoods, jobs, positions, incomes and careers are guaranteed by taxpayer largess, or who are already on guaranteed pensions, or who are independently wealthy and mostly unaffected by these disastrous policies and decrees, who are demanding that this economic shutdown continue indefinitely. 

And why you may ask would anyone, even the people who are not being destroyed by this shutdown, want to destroy those who are? Because they desperately and with every ounce of their beings want to destroy President Donald Trump and deprive him of another term. And destroying the middle class and small business owners who disproportionately voted for Donald Trump is just an added bonus. Like former president B. Hussein O. declared, ‘You didn’t build that’, so why should you get to keep it.

When the democrats have achieved their goal of removing or preventing Donald Trump’s reelection by destroying the once in a lifetime economic miracle he achieved in the first three years of his presidency and they behold an America in deep depression they will simply deal with it by borrowing more money or shrug their shoulders and declare that shit happens and walk away and continue their lives as before now happily rid of their great nemesis Mr. Trump. The world has been saved from Republicans and that is the greatest good possible.

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