Race and the Left

While doing a little online research on Steven Spielberg’s films I read the Newsweek article from December 8, 1997 on slavery in America.  This article deals at length with his film ‘Amistad’.   I was interested in Spielberg’s statement that he did not receive any money from the profits of his film ‘Schindler’s List’ as he considers this ‘blood money’ and used his statement as another swipe at Mel Gibson and his film ‘The Passion of the Christ’.   I was curious if Spielberg accepted any profits from either of his two films, ‘The Color Purple’ or ‘Amistad’, both of which could be interpreted (using the critics of ‘The Passion’ logic) as exploiting past injustice and misery for profit.  This same logic could be applied to every holocaust film ever made as well.  But of course it won’t be.

‘The Long Shadow of Slavery’ by Jonathan Alter (Newsweek 12/8/97) attempts once again to cast slavery as ‘a cathartic way to confront deeper race issues.’  ‘America has never come to grips with slavery,’ says Jesse Jackson.  ‘It’s a hole in the American soul.’  These bromides mean little to nothing to the majority of white America because the vast majority of white America never owned a slave, never had an ancestor who owned a slave, and came to America long after slavery had been abolished.  Most of America lives in states that either fought against slavery or never adopted slavery as an institution.  The vast majority of black Americans, none of whose parents nor grandparents nor great grandparents were slaves, now have full access to every opportunity America offers with the sad fact that a significant percentage of these citizens continue in poverty and crime do in some part to the destruction of the black family by former democratic President Johnson’s Great Society welfare programs.

One has to wonder why Asians can come to this country, speaking little to no English, and in a generation or less enter the top universities and hold some of the top jobs in America or why American Jews as an ethnic group contribute far out of proportion to their numbers so significantly to the fields of art, entertainment, music, medicine, law and science.  In contrast one also has to wonder why black and Hispanic Americans continue to suffer excessive high school dropout rates and the concomitant poverty.  Is it because white Americans just aren’t as prejudice against Asians and Jews as they are alleged to be against Hispanics and blacks?  That would be the simplistic and false answer implied by the Left in academia and the media.

Along these same lines one also has to wonder why African-Americans dominate so many sports and contribute so much to music and entertainment far out of proportion to their numbers.  Could this also be due to white Americans wanting blacks in sports and music but not in the fields of science and medicine?  No sane person could honestly think so.

The correct answer to these questions has to be the cultures of the ethnic or racial groups themselves. Jewish and Asian Americans as a culture highly value education and academic achievement.  Blacks highly value sports and music.  Hence the excellence each group achieves in their selective fields. The biggest economic problem with this self segregating is that the opportunities for employment in medicine, science and law are nearly endless while the same opportunities for employment in music and sports are nearly nil in comparison.

If concerned individuals and institutions are truly wanting to witness a sea change in the socioeconomic problems of blacks and Hispanics in America then they should concentrate on helping these Americans change their own cultural biases rather than accusing white Americans of past injustices most of them had nothing to do with.

2 thoughts on “Race and the Left

  1. Amen. Americans need a new, sane outlook on African-Americans and slavery. The Left, especially after 8 years of Obama fomenting race issues and coarsening the culture of America, uses race to stir up trouble where none need exist. Leftists the world over always oppose the truth.


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