Are Dogs better than humans?

God creates dinosaurs. God destroys dinosaurs. God creates man. Man destroys God. Man creates dinosaurs. Dinosaurs eat man. Woman inherits the earth.

These words by Ian Malcolm and Ellie Sattler in Jurassic Park might now be applied to dogs.

God creates man.  Man replaces God.  Man creates Dog.  Dog replaces man. Dog inherits the house.

Don’t get me wrong, I too love dogs. I’m just concerned about the new role they’re playing in our lives.

Recently I have become acquainted with words and phrases I did not know were in the American vocabulary. Fur-baby comes to mind.  What I see happening in our culture is the replacement of human beings in our lives with our dogs.

Let’s face facts.  Dogs are better than humans in some significant ways. They are absolutely loyal, devoted, affectionate, trustworthy, happy and willing to sit and listen to us babble on about our miserable work day without wavering for a second in their attention.

We can neuter them easily (and are praised for doing so) and like the eunuchs of old will guard the harem or house with absolute fidelity.  A big dog will sleep with us on our beds, keep us warm on cold winter nights, neither demand nor want sex, attack any intruder and will die protecting us. And for all of that he only requires in return a bowl of food, a water dish and some attention and play when we come home. 

A little dog will sit on our laps, fetch things we throw, love us unconditionally, bark when there is an intruder, wake us in the morning, go to bed with us at night and never want another person in his life. When you get fatter he truly believes there is now just more of you to love and the older you get the more he adores you. By some definitions your dog might be the perfect man.

A dog will sit in his kennel all day just waiting for you to come home and let him out. He will not utter a word of complaint nor even remember that you put him in there. Instead he will bound around admiring and adoring you as his deliverer and pour affection at your feet. When properly trained he will obey your every command, not destroy your things, and would pull you around in a carriage if you needed him to. His every thought all day, every day is upon you and you alone.

Wait, there’s more. You need never bankrupt yourself with his hospital bills, his check-ups are cheap, and if worse gets to worst you can put him to sleep and after a time of true mourning you can get another just like him or one completely different, new and interesting.

A dog never needs braces, does not need to go to school nor college, grows up fast and his adolescence is brief and actually kind of fun. You can dress him up anyway that suits your fancy, cut his hair anyway you want, take him wherever you like, and if he is psychologically messed up and becomes a nuisance you can quietly re-home him or put him away and no one will ever say a word.   

When properly trained he will visit with you at your parents’ house and after sniffing around and checking out the place will sit or lie down quietly and wait patiently without interrupting while you have a nice chat with them. You can eat dinner in peace and you don’t even need to feed him. He will neither whine nor fuss about taking a nap or not liking the food or being bored.

When you travel you simply say, ‘Want to go for a ride boy’, and he will jump up and stand at the door waiting eagerly to go. You don’t need to pack up half the house to go anywhere nor lug a heavy car seat.  You say, ‘Get in the car’, and he’s in there before you can even turn around. He loves to travel and is ecstatic at any destination and can’t wait to go to the next one. By some definitions your dog might be the perfect child. 

I saw on a NOVA program we literally created Dog in our own image. We have bred the perfect companion who initially helped us tame and thrive in the wild and now makes our urban lives more bearable.  We have made a creature capable of replacing real people in our lives.

Men may one day replace real women with sex-bots who exist solely for their pleasure. Women are already starting to replace men and children with their dogs.

The questions I’m posing are these. Is this where we want to be? Is this where we should be? Is this going to be the end of Western civilization, humans replaced by bots and dogs?

One thought on “Are Dogs better than humans?

  1. In 2018 a record 83 countries representing about half of the world’s population, report below-replacement level birth rates according to Yale University. This trend is only going to continue. However the overall world population continues to rise due to high birthrates in the countries of Africa and other under developed nations. This represents a Catch-22. Poverty and exploitation of women lead to high birthrates while prosperity and the empowerment of women through education and changing social norms leads to extinction-level birthrates. To properly raise children to functional adulthood requires enormous time, energy and resources. In most countries it requires two wage earners in a family and hence women have less time, energy and money to invest in children. Yet women still have strong desires to nurture and shower affection on children. Hence dogs (and cats) fill this need. So yes, I agree, dogs helped launch civilization and may help to end it as well.


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