The Real Climate Science Deniers

Paul Driessen|Posted: May 16, 2020 12:01 AM – for Posted: May 16, 2020 12:01 AM Fifty years ago, I helped organize Earth Day #1 programs on my college campus, calling attention to serious pollution problems that afflicted much of the USA. Over the ensuing decades, laws, regulations, and changed attitudes, practices and technologies reduced most of that pollution, often dramatically. I didn’t buy into the 1970 end-is-nigh, doom-and-gloom, billions-will-die hysteria that Ron Stein and Ron Bailey summarize, including the manmade global cooling crisis. I don’t buy it today, either – certainly not this year’s Earth Day focus on the alleged manmade global warming crisis, also blamed on emissions … Continue reading The Real Climate Science Deniers

A Guide to Basic Differences Between Left and Right

By Dennis Prager Source of Human Rights Left: government Right: the Creator Human Nature Left: basically good (Therefore, society is primarily responsible for evil.) Right: not basically good (Therefore, the individual is primarily responsible for evil.) Economic Goal Left: equality Right: prosperity Primary Role of the State Left: increase and protect equality Right: increase and protect liberty Government Left: as large as possible Right: as small as possible Family Ideal Left: any loving unit of people Right: a married father and mother, and children Guiding Trinity Left: race, gender and class Right: liberty, In God We Trust and e pluribus … Continue reading A Guide to Basic Differences Between Left and Right

Essay on Purpose

Chance  or No Chance     The same Arguments which explode the Notion of Luck, may, on the other side, be useful in some Cases to establish a due comparison between Chance and Design: We may imagine Chance and Design to be, as it were, in Competition with each other, for the production of some sorts of Events, and may calculate what Probability there is, that those Events should be rather owing to one than to the other.     – Abraham de Moivre, Doctrine of Chances, 1718                          … Continue reading Essay on Purpose

A review of “Darwin on Trial” and a response

In the July 1992 issue of  Scientific American Stephen Jay Gould wrote a scathing review of Phil Johnson’s book Darwin on Trial.  My cmnt: I have included Gould’s review, in full, below because it is hard to find without a visit to the library. He called it, Impeaching a Self-Appointed Judge, a clever take on the fact that Phillip Johnson was one of the premier law professors in the country. After unsuccessfully ignoring the book for two years, Gould finally attempted to discredit it with his nasty review, claiming the book was full of errors. Johnson wrote a detailed response–but Scientific American refused to … Continue reading A review of “Darwin on Trial” and a response

University dumps professor who found polar bears thriving despite climate change

By Valerie Richardson – The Washington Times – Sunday, October 20, 2019 Nobody has done more to sink the claim that climate change is endangering polar bears than zoologist Susan Crockford — and she may have paid for it with her job. After 15 years as an adjunct assistant professor, Ms. Crockford said the University of Victoria rejected without explanation in May her renewal application, despite her high profile as a speaker and author stemming from her widely cited research on polar bears and dog domestication. Ms. Crockford accused officials at the Canadian university of bowing to “outside pressure,” the result of her research showing that polar … Continue reading University dumps professor who found polar bears thriving despite climate change

Climate ‘Experts’ have poor track record

Breitbart News Climate ‘Experts’ Are 0-41 with Their Doomsday Predictions by JOHN NOLTE 20 Sep 2019 For more than 50 years Climate Alarmists in the scientific community and environmental movement have not gotten even one prediction correct, but they do have a perfect record of getting 41 predictions wrong. In other words, on at least 41 occasions, these so-called experts have predicted some terrible environmental catastrophe was imminent … and it never happened. And not once — not even once! — have these alarmists had one of their predictions come true. Think about that… the so-called experts are 0-41 with … Continue reading Climate ‘Experts’ have poor track record

Concerned Scientists Reply on Global Warming

My cmnt: With the further politicalization of science by the world’s Leftists and nature worshipers we must all be on our guard against false claims of ‘science’ and scientists who, like in the former Soviet Union and Russia today, demand consensus rather than actual observations to be the determining factor in what is science and what is not. Wall Street Journal on-line OPINION February 21, 2012 Concerned Scientists Reply on Global Warming The authors of the Jan. 27 Wall Street Journal op-ed, ‘No Need to Panic about Global Warming,’ respond to their critics. Editor’s Note: The authors of the following letter, listed … Continue reading Concerned Scientists Reply on Global Warming