Coffee & Covid ☙ The Democrats Show-trial Friday, June 10, 2022 ☙ NO SHOW

Everything you need to know about the democrats’ flaccid, lackluster January 6th Show, which wilted and fell over on the launch pad.

Jeff Childers – Jun 10, 2022 – his website 345312

Well. I did it, I watched The Show. You’re welcome. I’m not doing it again. I love you guys, but there are limits. Plus we need to make sure I retain my sanity, so I can keep blogging instead of picking wings off love bugs day after day in an insane asylum. Anyway, onwards!


I approached the House Committee’s January 6th Show from a litigator’s perspective since the Committee obviously wants to frame this thing like a trial. It gave Americans our first taste of what a “show trial” must have looked like in the USSR. It’s gross. 

My source was wrong; the show didn’t start with a dance revue or any other kind of a bang. It started slowly and ponderously, with all the committee members solemnly plodding into the chamber and taking their seats like a column of termites. I think it was supposed to have dramatic effect, underscoring the solemnity of the proceeding but — and I admit I’m biased — the committee is a devil’s dozen of unattractive and annoying people and instead of dramatic it was a just painful, boring ordeal. 

I’ve watched some dramatic moments in other committees, like whenever Senator Paul grills Tony Fauci, or during the Brett Kavenaugh Supreme Court nominee hearing. But nothing like that happened last night. When I predicted yesterday that Bennie Thompson was going to read a children’s book to us, I wasn’t too far off. He DID read a book, all night long. The Show was TOTALLY scripted. Every. Single. Word. 

From the moment pompous committee chairman Bennie Thompson lowered his massive frame into the creaking chair and said “good evening,” it was obvious he was ponderously reading from a teleprompter. In fact, everyone on last night’s Show was reading, from a teleprompter or from notes. Nothing was left to chance.


My cmnt: Childers covers this communist-style show trial in detail and reveals it for the scam it is. This entire sham by Nasty Pelosi, Chuck-you Schumer and Adam Schiff-for-brains that has been going on forever now is a threat to the American justice system and a wild abuse of Congressional power. Pelosi’s two (or three) impeachment “trials” of President Trump were the first sign of the entire democrat leadership having Trump derangement syndrome and having basically lost their minds, let along their souls. You can read the rest of Childer’s excellent and funny column by clicking the link above.

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