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Bieber’s sudden and unexpected situation worsens; a baffling new syndrome targeting young people’s hearts

Jeff Childers – June 11, 2022 – his website

Happy Saturday, C&C! In today’s Weekend Roundup: the Bieber family’s sudden and unexpected problems continue to worsen; there’s a new mysterious disease afflicting young people’s hearts and baffling experts; lists of worries; signs of life in San Fran that might mean good news for all of us; and good news for travelers as the CDC drops testing requirements.

My cmnt: Childers says it all again here about the dangerous, unnecessary jabs forced upon young people all across the western world. You can read any number of blogs I’ve posted under the category Covid19 warning you about the dangers to young, healthy people who got the totally unnecessary Covid19 shots. As always you can read his entire column by clicking the link above.


💉 Last week I reported that Justin Bieber suddenly and unexpectedly developed mysterious cases of both chronic mononucleosis and Lyme disease, forcing him to cancel his current tour calendar. Unfortunately, young Mr. Bieber has now been afflicted with a third sudden and unexpected syndrome: Ramsay-Hunt Disease. 

Coincidentally, Ramsay Hunt Disease comes from the chickenpox virus. After chickenpox clears up, the virus still lives in your nerves, but is under control by antibodies and doesn’t harm anything. But it can reactivate years later if your immune system becomes compromised. When it does, Ramsay Hunt Disease can sometimes affect your facial nerves. 

It’s from chickenpox. In other words: shingles.

Yesterday, Bieber made a heartbreaking video for fans, demonstrating his partial facial paralysis: Justin Bieber on Instagram.

“Obviously, as you can probably see from my face, I have this syndrome called Ramsay Hunt syndrome and it is from this virus that attacks the nerve in my ear and my facial nerves and has caused my face to have paralysis,” Bieber explains in the clip.

“As you can see, this eye is not blinking,” he continued. “I can’t smile with this side of my face, this nostril will not move, so there is full paralysis in this side of my face.”

Unfortunately, it’s not getting better. It’s getting worse. Yesterday on Instagram, Bieber warned his fans that “it’s getting progressively harder to eat.” That’s not good.

Totally coincidentally, two studies have linked Ramsay Hunt Syndrome to the jabs, one published in the prestigious British Medical Journal (BMJ).

Ramsey Hunt syndrome following Covid-19 vaccination

In another coincidence, Hailey Bieber, 26, experienced a blood (clot) in her brain in March, which fortunately resolved in the hospital without surgery. People Magazine reported that after her clot scare, Justin was so worried about her that he could barely sleep.

But remember — there is NO EVIDENCE that the Bieber family’s health problems are caused by the safe and effective jabs. And the experts will make sure there never will be.

Honestly, it’s perfectly tragic that we’re all playing this “sudden and mysterious disease” game to avoid placing blame where everyone knows it should go, because if we could be honest, Justin might be able to get treated for the real cause of his injuries instead of becoming a play actor in a little medical show designed to protect big pharma profits, pretend treatments that will ultimately fail to heal him because they are treating the WRONG THING.

I think Justin knows. He can’t say it’s the jab, because that would end his career. But he’s showing everyone exactly what’s happening, and he’s NOT saying it ISN’T the jab. His silence about that speaks louder than words. Young people who don’t follow the news are getting an education.

💉 As if we don’t already have enough to worry about, there’s ANOTHER brand-spanking-new, baffling, sudden and unexpected disease afflicting young people and now spreading around the West — especially Australia, for some reason. The mystery disease is SO sudden and unexpected that it even includes the WORD “sudden” in its name: Sudden Adult Death Syndrome, or — appropriately — SADS.

I PROMISE I am not making that up.

An article two days ago in the UK Daily Mail was headlined, “Healthy Young People Are Dying Suddenly and Unexpectedly From a Mysterious Syndrome – as Doctors Seek Answers Through a New National Register.”

Haha, “suddenly and unexpectedly.” They know.

Where are all the brilliant disease experts who knew EXACTLY what to do about covid-19? We need their help! Experts! Hello! What is this SADS?? Where does it come from? What should we do? Experts, please help us again! Hello? Experts? Is anybody there? Damn these cell phones…

Oh my goodness, you people are going to think I’m making this up, for sure. Guess which internal organ the mysterious SADS disease apparently hurts the most? The heart. Weird. The Daily Mail said the Australian government is now recommending that all “People aged under the age of 40 being urged to go and get their hearts checked.”

People under 40! I know, but don’t you people start with me. You’re welcome, you ungrateful curs! We saved you young people from a minuscule chance of being hospitalized for covid! How much trouble is a little lifelong cardiac monitoring? Stop whining. You should be thanking us.

The Royal Australian College of General Practitioners minted the new disease, explaining that SADS is an “umbrella term to describe unexpected deaths in young people,” used when an autopsy or post-mortem can’t find an obvious cause of death. Or … used when an obvious cause of death might hurt big pharma profits. See? It works both ways.

In other words, they made up SOMETHING for coroners to write on the death certificates instead of scribbling some sarcastic remark, since they’re forbidden from writing down the actual cause of death, if they know what’s good for them. You don’t want to be a disinformer. It would be a shame if something bad happened to your coroner career.

And guess what one of the “signs” of SADS is? The Royal College says you are at elevated risk of kicking the bucket from SADS if SOMEBODY ELSE IN YOUR FAMILY DIES FROM SADS. “The best advice would be, if you yourself have had a first-degree relative – a parent, sibling, child – who’s had an unexplained death, it’s extremely recommended you see a cardiologist,” the Mail’s medical expert advised.

Apparently SADS works in clusters. So weird! And you can rest assured that the experts ruled out ALL OTHER POSSIBILITIES of things family members might have in common, like, say, I don’t know, just for an example: common medications. It can’t possibly be that. That’s the one thing they are SURE about.

Even though experts “extremely” recommend you get screened if your family member croaks from SADS, they can’t find a genetic link that would justify that kind of advice. The Mail’s expert explained that from a public health perspective, combating SADS was “not as easy as everyone in Australia getting genetically screened as scientists [are] still not 100 per cent clear on what genes cause this.”

It’s baffling! But shut up. Science.

The Mail’s medical expert admitted that, for family and friends of victims, SADS is a “very hard entity to grasp” because it’s a “diagnosis of nothing.”

That’s why it’s useful, doc.

🔥 Just to summarize where we are now: 

Here’s a list of four things that unvaccinated, metabolically healthy people DO NOT need to worry about:

– Heart issues

– Blood clots

– Sudden Adult Death Syndrome

– covid

And here’s a different list of things that otherwise healthy jabbed people ARE worried about:

– Heart issues

– Blood clots

– Sudden Adult Death Syndrome

– covid

Progress! Thanks, experts, we couldn’t have done it without you.

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