Lincoln’s 7 Day Forecast – kept for reference to accuracy

This is an ongoing day-by-day capture of the 7 day forecast for one year. It will be fun and informative to look back from May 29, 2022 to see how accurate or inaccurate it turns out to be.

#1a – May 29, 2021 – 7am – heavy rain, thunderstorm overnight Fri, then sunny on Saturday 67
#1b – May 29, 2021 – 7pm
#3a – May 31, 2021 – 7am – sunny beautiful all day on Monday 77, no rain
#4a – June 1, 2021 – 7am – mostly sunny, beautiful all day Tuesday 79, no rain
#5a – June 2, 2021 – 7am – mostly sunny & beautiful all day Wed 83 – no rain
#5b – June 2, 2021 – 7pm
This forecast shows only a 40% chance of rain for Sat.
This forecast shows an 80% chance of rain Sat nite. Update: we did get a nice rain overnite.
This forecast shows an 80% chance of rain overnite Tues. Result: no rain.
This is our 45th wedding anniversary!
Compare and contrast (per my English Lit classes) with AccuWeather’s below – especially Sat.
This is AccuWeather’s 7 day forecast on July 7th, 2021
This is AccuWeather’s 7 day forecast on July 9th, 2021 – As it turns out AccuWeather was right about the day, wrong about the nite – we did get a brief (1/4″ rain) thunderstorm right around midnite on Friday
July 10, 2021 – 2:41pm – – we will see if we get any rain on Sat.
Well, they were wrong again. No rain yesterday (Sat.) tho we had an 80% chance.
10/11 Weather has 50/50 chance of rain Wed and low chance Thur
The Weather Channel has low chance of rain Wed & Thur
Accu Weather has a high chance of rain Wed & Thur
We did get a third of an inch of rain overnite Wed.
Accu Weather – hot, but seasonal for next 7 days – no rain on Sat.
Today (Sun.) 10/11 has lowered their predicted highs for the week more in keeping with Accu Weather’s from yesterday
And Accu Weather has further lowered their predicted highs for the week also.
And by Tues 10/11 has further lowered their predicted highs for the week
Everyone is now in agreement – tmrw (Wed) will be hot and then a cool down – Accu Weather sees a significant chance of rain on Sat. We’ll see who’s right.
It is now Sat. 9am and it started raining around 9pm yesterday and we have had a good, steady rain overnite and it is still raining now. Officially we have had 1/2″ of rain (and probably more where I live). If any of these forecasters really knew the future the probability of rain s/h been stated as closer to 80% than 50% but none were willing to go there.
10/11 has gone for all hot, while Accu Weather has more moderating temps. We’ll see who’s closer.
we did get a bunch of rain starting around 9:30p on Sat
Friday the 13th was actually sunny most of the day, no hint of rain, slight north breeze and extremely pleasant
small chances of rain all week – i hope we get some
We did get a little, very brief & minor rain squall on Thursday which lasted about 1 minute
We did get a nice, heavy downpour for about 15 mins on Fri morning
We had no rain overnite Sat nor any Sun – but then the chance was only 40%
Monday Forecast: Another round of brutal heat and humidity to start the week – says 10/11

My forecast headline would have been: Yea, more heat and humidity! That is what our corn crops love in August. They collect the dew overnight and it drains off into the plant and roots. Then the heat causes the corn to mature. Together they make a late September, early October super harvest.

Only 20% chance of rain. At around 4am (Thurs morn) we got a thunder storm for well over an hour with an official total of 0.8 inch!

We had no rain at all on Sat. It was mostly sunny all day. Today was the opening game of Scott Frost’s 4th season and he’s still sticking with Adrian Martinez and he did not look good at all. Another opening season lost for the Huskers. I predict here that the new A.D. Trev Alberts was brought in and Moos forced into an earlier retirement to fire Frost at the end of this season.

We did get a good rain Sat nite and into Sunday morning (1.1 inches). Then it was partly cloudy and then beautiful sunny after 3pm.

It started raining late Mon. nite and into Tues morning. Official 1.1 inch. Cleared off nicely in the afternoon, mowed the lawn.

Did rain over Thursday nite (0.65″)

No real rain on Fri (sprinkles 0.03″ in the morning) and then clearing off and on with clouds and very humid but very pleasant

Not even a hint of precipitation on Sat or Sun. Both days beautiful. Did MOWs with Callie and had a good time.

The 10/11 and Accu Weather forecasts are pretty darn close to each other
Friday’s predicted thunderstorm never arrived. Had some light rain and drizzles.
We got a tenth of an inch (0.1) of rain on Friday
We did get a 1/2″ of rain during the day Wed. It rained, thunderstormed, sunny and cloudy off and on all day.

With a 70% chance of rain (and up to 80% and more at various times throughout the day) on Thursday – we received NO rain.

Cloudy, no rain, Fri & Sat. Did MOWs with James – more stops than usual but had a good time.

Wednesday s/b rainy according to two forecasts. We will see.
Well it’s the day before and now Wednesday has only a 40% chance of rain.
We did get winds, rain and thunder on Tues evening and overnight into morning Wed. Rcv’d about 0.8 ” of rain. Wed itself was sunny with a lot of wind.

All three forecast sites predict good chance of rain for Sunday. We will see. Previous earlier forecasts did not see much chance for it.
We got over an inch and three-quarters (1.85″) of rain Sunday during the day

2 thoughts on “Lincoln’s 7 Day Forecast – kept for reference to accuracy

  1. I see the point of your blog. You want to demonstrate that the same people who cannot predict the weather over a mere 7 days purport to predict the climate 10, 20, or even 50 years from now. And even more they are so certain of their clairvoyance these shamans are prognosticating climatic Armageddon. And worse, they inhabit governmental positions of power and influence and demand we bankrupt ourselves and return our world to the stone age or life on a medieval manor where they (the democrat power elites) will rule and partake of extravagant luxury while the masses live in squalid poverty. Right?


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